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Beacon Patch 1.6.1A
Patch 1.6.1A is released, adding more ways to get DNA mods, new secret caverns, and performance optimizations! Patch Notes Levels Added 3 new secret cavern var...
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Beacon Patch 1.6A Point of No Return
Beacon's 1.6A content expansion is here, marking the end of our Act 1 Roadmap! Along with new boss fights and ammunition mods, a new DNA mod feature has been ad...
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Beacon Patch 1.5.2A
Beacon 1.5.2A is released, adding polish to many effects, improvements to the tab screen Codex, and the Level 4 Excavation Headquarters landmark tile. Particle...
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Beacon Patch 1.5.1A
Beacon patch 1.5.1A is released! Updates to the UI and audio system have been made, as well as a new Solar Flare weather event for the Sunset weather variant! C...
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Beacon Patch 1.5A Mechanical Demise
Patch 1.5A is released, Mechanical Demise! Prism's synthetic security teams initiate severe countermeasures against the escaped specimens, and the planet's popu...
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Beacon Patch 1.4A Lethal Infestation
Beacon First Access patch 1.4A is released! The insectoid Solus continue to expand their ever-growing domain on Kovus, intent on reclaiming land previously lost...
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Beacon Patch 1.3A Fighting Chance
Beacon 1.3A is released, adding a handful of new weapons, items, and traps to help give Freja the edge in survival! Fighting Chance Content New Items SMG Weapo...
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Beacon Patch 1.2.2A
Patch 1.2.2A is released, tweaking the Excavation Spider boss and adding a few more UI improvements! Read the full notes below. UI Added shield indicator to HU...
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