Beacon 3.1 - Ruined Prospects

The first post-release content patch for Beacon is finally here! As Freja's presence on Kovus continues to disrupt Prism's operations, the Uncharted and Native factions have begun to take over more territory. Along with a large chunk of new weapons and items, new enemies have been added to fill in some missing spots in the Native enemy roster.

A completely new Native subfaction has been added as well, Antigrav Oozes. Found mainly in Primordial Ooze Pits present from the earliest forms of the universe, the Oozelings possess a unique anti gravitational force that can be utilized to gain a boost to upper spires. 

Along with all of the new content in this patch, a Melee Overhaul has been done as well to rework or buff nearly every melee mutation in the game. Melee attacks are generally stronger, and melees should feel a bit more unique now with rebalanced attack speeds and stamina costs. Melee mutations that previously felt useless should hopefully open up new playstyles. 

A long requested change to Reconstitution has been made as well, a rework of the Remove Mutation DNA Mod! Mutations can now be immediately removed with a Remove Mutation piece, allowing new DNA to be immediately slotted or an additional DNA mod to be applied. After winning the game it will be easier to progress with a new build as well instead of having to continue with your current locked genome. 

Patch 3.2 will be coming this Summer, Wrecking Zone! Along with a chunk of new Ship and Prism content, 3.2 will include a set of new Junkyard themed levels. Until then, check out the entire list of patch notes for 3.1 below.

Ruined Prospects


  • New Act 1 Uncharted Ultravoid Devourer - An evolved form of the Void Entity, the Devourer floats around the arena with a ring of miniature voids and 3 Junk Shields orbiting it. Every 45 seconds that the boss remains undefeated an additional ring of miniature voids is summoned orbiting further out each time.
  • New Act 1 Native Ultracrab Junker - One of the largest Crab specimens on Kovus, technology from multiple factions has been stolen by it and attached to its shell providing automatic defenses. Each time it spawns it will select a new set of weapons from 6 variants on the top, and 8 side variants.

Daily Runs

  • Added 30 new Daily Challenges, including new item based loadouts that give the player a chance to try extremely powerful item stacks


  • Native Tritoraptor Bonelord - Added a new Large Tritoraptor enemy that has a chance to release Mini Bonespikes when damaged and releases a series of Bonespikes from the ground after landing a Pounce
  • Native Meaty Chilopodrae - Added new Large Chilopod enemy that is extremely tanky and releases Chiloflesh Tumors from its back as it is damaged
  • Native Bone Tumbleweed - Added new Small enemy that rolls around Native areas, releasing a bonespike explosion after they touch the player or an enemy
  • Uncharted Idol of Menhir (Stone Pillar and Lava Rock Variants) - Added new Medium Uncharted enemy that floats around, summoning either Menhir Pillars or Lava Rock projectiles depending on the variant
  • Native Antigrav Oozeling - Added new small Ooze enemy that floats around, boosting the player upwards when touched
  • Native Antigrav Ooze - Added new Medium Ooze enemy that floats around slowly and slightly boosts the player when touched. When killed, the Ooze breaks into 3 Oozelings
  • Native Antigrave Ultraooze - Added new Large Ooze enemy that floats around, releasing various projectiles it has absorbed when damaged and slightly boosting the player when touched. When killed, the Ultraooze breaks into 3 Oozes


  • Grenade - Uncharted Icosacore Grenade - Explodes on impact, leaving a giant energy trail on ground
  • Grenade - Uncharted Flauros Grenade - Explodes on contact into a lingering green flame, releasing 2-4 friendly Flauros
  • Grenade - Native Bonespikers - Explodes on contact with a massive damage, small radius bone explosion
  • Weapon - Native Bonespike Needler - Extremely high fire rate SMG that fires Mini Bonespike projectiles
  • Weapon - Native Double Down (Bonespike Needler Variant) - Mini Bonespike needles split into two on impact
  • Weapon - Native Bonespike Pounder - Slow firing rifle that fires Bonespike projectiles
  • Weapon - Native Drive-By (Bonespike Pounder Variant) - Bonespike projectiles release Mini Bonespikes along both sides as it travels
  • Weapon - Native Bonespike Chucker - Heavy weapon that fires massive Bonespike Spears 
  • Weapon - Native Prickly Personality (Bonespike Chucker Variant) - Bonespike Spears trigger a Bonespike explosion on impact
  • Weapon - Solus Globule Shotgun - Blast a cluster of Globules forwards
  • Weapon - Solus Instant Chemistry (Globule Shotgun Variant) - Globules explode on contact
  • Weapon -Solus Quillspear Longbow - Sniper that fires a massive quill
  • Weapon - Solus Shot and Chaser (Quillspear Longbow Variant) - Fires quills behind the sniper bullet
  • Weapon - Uncharted Prismatic Rifle - Fires a sequence of colored lasers with different bullet patterns and functions
  • Weapon - Uncharted Rainbow Raygun (Prismatic Rifle Variant) - Rotates to a new color every shot
  • Weapon - Uncharted Whirlwind Generator - Shoots a Tornado forwards, dealing damage over time and shooting out small rocks
  • Weapon - Uncharted Twisted Gift (Whirlwind Generator Variant) - Tornado fires out a new bullet every time it fires something, with 12 different objects being thrown out
  • Weapon - Uncharted Cuber - Fires blocks of energy that pause and resume moving repeatedly
  • Weapon - Uncharted Vexed Voxel (Cuber Variant) - Fires 3 blocks, increasing in size and damage each block
  • Weapon - Uncharted Detached Icosaport - Fires a medium range thin laser beam
  • Weapon - Uncharted Close Up (Detached Icosaport Variant) - Fires extremely short powerful laser
  • Weapon - Uncharted Icosatron Reactor - Fires large Energy Sphere that leaves an energy trail on the ground after impact
  • Weapon - Uncharted Bullet Hell (Icosatron Reactor Variant) - Energy Sphere releases a cluster of Mini Energy Spheres on impact
  • Pickup - Uncharted Helix Core - Release Helix explosive projectiles on use, 20 Charges
  • Pickup (Passive) - Solus Protein Pustules - Increases Melee Damage by 100% while held
  • Passive - Solus Protein Cyst - Increases Melee Damage by 20%

Melee Overhaul

  • Melee: Stamina Costs - Normalized all melee abilities to cost 15, 25, or 35 Stamina based on their power levels and attack speeds (Previously ranged between 10 and 40)
  • Melee: Range - Increased the range of nearly all melee attacks, making it easier   to hit multiple enemies with lower range melee attacks
  • Melee: Windup Time - Decreased the Windup Time of nearly all melee attacks to make them more immediate
  • Melee: Animations - Set many more mutations to use the Left Hand Melee animation for pistols, rifles, and shotguns to make her more often use her mutated arm to melee
  • Melee: Stat Descriptions - Updated many stat descriptions to better describe their functions and more clearly show how they compare to the base melee values
  • Base Melee - Increased damage, decreased cooldown from 1 to .8, decreased Windup time. These changes apply to all Melee Mutations that alter the base melee instead of replacing it, such as Spore Pustules and Leeching Tentacle. 
  • Prism Pyro Cannon - Reduced cooldown from 2 to 1.2, reduced Stamina cost from 40 to 35, and decreased Windup time
  • Prism Sonic Cannon - Replaced projectile with more powerful Sonic Hotshot projectile, reduced cooldown from 1.2 to .8, and decreased Windup time
  • Prism Jolted Veins - Increased chain chance to 100% on hit, replaced Chain with new Tesla chain script to improve the feel of it, decreased Stamina cost from 30 to 25, decreased Windup time, reduced cooldown from 1.2 to .8, and reduced base melee damage
  • Solus Toxic Stinger - Increased melee range, increased acid duration, decreased acid damage over time, decreased base melee damage
  • Solus Chitinous Claw - Increased damage and widened damage range, decreased cooldown from 1 to .4, reduced stun duration and knockback on hit
  • Solus Limp Tentacle - Reduced cooldown from 1 to .1, increased range, decreased Stamina cost from 20 to 15, reduced damage
  • Solus Encumbering Claw - Increased melee range, increased damage, increased knockback, increased stun, reduced cooldown from 2 to 1.2
  • Native Bonespike - Replaced with Projectile melee, fires a Bonespike projectile, reduced Stamina cost from 40 to 25, reduced cooldown from 2 to .8
  • Native Reflective Bulwark - Increased damage greatly, increased knockback, increased range, decreased cooldown from 2 to 1.2, increased Stamina cost from 30 to 35
  • Native Spore Pustules - Decreased Spore Cloud cooldown on hit from 12 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Native Rending Claw - Increased damage and spread out damage range, decreased cooldown from .6 to .2 seconds, increased Stamina cost from 10 to 15
  • Uncharted Shard Flinger - Reduced cooldown from 1.2 to .8, increased Stamina cost from 10 to 15
  • Uncharted Infernal Touch - Reduced Flame Wave cooldown on hit from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Uncharted Hexagoth Tentacle - Increased knockback distance, increased damage, increased cooldown from .3 to .8


  • Master Scavenger - Added 15 new attacks that are randomly used by the Master Scavenger, as well as tweaking its movement to allow it to better evade its own explosive attacks
  • Shop Reconfigurator - Added machine that allows the shop to be re-rolled for 800 Scrap. There are 2 Reconfigurator spawns in the shop that each have a 50% chance to spawn.


  • Added Level 1 Primordial Ooze Pit Landmark
  • Added Level 2 Primordial Megaooze Pit Landmark
  • Added Level 4 Irradiated Primordial Ooze Pit Landmark
  • Added Level 1 Flauros Plateau Landmark
  • Added many new Act 1 Connector and Intro tiles
  • Added new enemy spawns to many Act 1 and Act 2 level tiles

DNA Reconstitution

  • Remove Mutation DNA Mod - Set up Remove Mutation mod to be able to be applied instantly


  • Increased reticule radius lock while aiming with the right stick
  • Added Keyboard Movement rebinds


  • Trap: Tesla Barrel - Increased chain distance of the Tesla coil released when broken
  • Auxiliary: Lumens Bola - Increased projectile speed, decreased delay before explosion, and added Lumens Grenade cluster released on explode
  • Auxiliary: Tesla Strike - Now spawns 3 Tesla Strikes randomly in a radius instead of 1
  • Mutation: Hardened Tags - Decreased Physical Armor from 60 to 40


  • Fixed many minor level and scripting errors
  • Fixed a few Radiation shot types being set as Physical Damage
  • Fixed multiple item description, stat description, and model preview errors
  • Fixed Uncharted Cache sometimes allowing the player to roll into it as it opens, rarely causing the player to get stuck
  • Fixed a few 3D Printer and DNA Printer items having incorrect icons displayed
  • Fixed Scrap often flying on the upper walls of the Shop when machines are blown up


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Apr 30, 2022


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