Beacon 3.11

Patch 3.11 is out, including some minor balance tweaks and dozens of fixes! The most important fix in the patch is a change to the Remove Mutation DNA mod, changing it to Clear Slot. The issue that caused the slot to stay locked is now fixed but it will also clear the DNA from the slot as well. Depending on feedback to this change we can consider changing it to keep your DNA and only remove the mutation, but generally when a mutation is being removed from a slot there is plenty of other DNA to replace it with. 

Development on the next content patch is progressing as well! Patch 3.2 will include more level content than the previous patches, including multiple new sets of landmarks including a new Icosatron themed set. 

The full 3.11 patch notes are below. Let us know if you run into any new bugs and if there's any feedback on the new Clear Slot DNA Mod! 


  • Start Stockpile - Removed Grenade Mods from loot table, giving the player a guaranteed Weapon or Auxiliary now
  • DNA Mod: Remove Mutation - Changed Remove Mutation into Reset Slot, removing the mutation and DNA instantly and allowing a new piece of DNA to be slotted
  • Antigrav Ooze - Adjusted audio settings on enemies and environment objects to make them feel more unique
  • Palier Overhangs - Removed counter that would destroy the Palier mushroom platform after multiple jumps onto it
  • Debuff: Hail Freeze - Decreased duration of freeze
  • Weapon: Whirlwind Generator and Twisted Gift (Variant) - Increased size and damage of rocks thrown out, increased damage per second of whirlwind, adjusted whirlwind effect, and set Push to affect floating enemies.
  • Weapon: Hailshard Generator and Permafrost (Variant) - Increased damage of all ice chunks
  • Weapon: Hailshard Condensor and Deep Freeze (Variant) - Increased damage and increased damage range of ice chunks
  • Weapon: Cuber and Vexed Voxel (Variant) - Increased bullet speed, adjusted bullet pausing for new speed, reduced damage, and updated explosion effects


  • Fixed many codex, notifier, and icon errors with weapons and items   
  • Fixed a few Grenade Mods missing from Addressables, causing them to not load on Continue 
  • Fixed Tight Squeeze (Acid Sprayer Variant) not working and increased range slightly
  • Fixed Ooze Bridges appearing invisible in certain weather types when obscured by fog
  • Fixed Giant Palier Mound Equipment Cache able to have a Jackpot with only 1 item rewarded
  • Fixed Small Quill Nests not being breakable with weapons that don't adjust for height (Laser Engine, Sonic Shotgun, etc...)
  • Fixed Secret triggers missing from a few secret areas in various levels
  • Fixed Scavenger's Shop Machines and Lost Scavenger's Cache waypoints showing in other pocket worlds or the main level sometimes
  • Fixed waypoints on some pocket world Stockpiles and Caches not disappearing after being found
  • Fixed Aim position on multiple enemies where bullets went too low or high
  • Dozens of minor level fixes


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Jun 23, 2022


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