Beacon 3.2 - Wrecking Zone

After a few delays, our 22nd content patch Wrecking Zone is finally ready for release! Thanks to everyone in the community for their patience while we chipped away at the content for this update.

Wrecking Zone includes 30 new items, 10 new enemies/traps, 2 new Act 1 Bosses, 2 new Landmark level sets, and more! Many new weapons have been added including a new Miniblast Grenade set and expansions to other technology types like Flak and Energy.

A new shopkeeper has been added as well that can be found rarely in the new Scrapyard themed zones, Krum the Undermerchant. Scrap can be traded multiple times to Krum to release up to 3 bursts of randomized loot, containing weapons and items they have scavenged from the surface of Kovus. Krum can only be found in rare Scrap Vaults though, requiring multiple keys to gain access to their wares.

With this patch we wanted to give an update on the development of the game as well. Unfortunately due to the sales of the game we aren’t able to fund ourselves to work full time, which is why patches have begun to take more time to develop. Since the game is out of Early Access now and unlikely to find a larger audience going forwards, we’re going to need to begin working on other projects outside of Beacon to sustain ourselves.

We aren’t giving up on Beacon, but any updates going forwards will take more time and will likely be in a different form than the previously detailed post-release Roadmap that included patch 3.3 and 3.4. Many of the ideas for those patches have either been included in 3.1 and 3.2, or will be repurposed into new ideas. If we release another large content patch the goal would be to make some larger changes to the game, rather than just trickle in more items and levels.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support of the game, and don’t hesitate to continue leaving any feedback! Read the full 3.2 Patch Notes below.

Wrecking Zone


  • Krum the Undermerchant - Added Crab Shopkeeper, able to be purchased 3 times for a random burst of loot including Health, Pickups, Grenade Mods, Auxiliaries, and Weapons from Ship and Prism


  • New Act 1 Boss - Primordial Effigy - Effigy ice boss with different shooting patterns, supported by multiple Effigies. Phase 2 is quicker and releases shards when damaged (at low health)
  • New Act 1 Boss - Lost Freja Squadron - 3 of the Lost Freja clones spawn at once, trying to win their own passage towards the Beacon. Each clone drops the weapon they are using on death along with random other Ship items


  • New Enemy Type - Elite Enemies - Spawn rarely in Landmarks on any level in the game, offering a difficult challenge to the player for a bonus reward if defeated. Scavengers and MK-Z Trench Droids are now Elite Enemies
  • New Elite Enemy - Lost Clone - Rare Freja that spawns in the world with lesser with 1 of 20 random weapons and 1 of 15 random grenade mods. Drops the weapon she's holding on death
  • New Elite Enemy - Jackpot Drone - Rare enemy that can spawn in any map - Spits out gibs and Scrap as it's damaged, attempting to charge the player to release a defensive fragment blast. When destroyed it drops a random Weapon or Grenade Mod
  • New Elite Enemy - Gargantuan Spore - A rare spore mound that drops Swampspore Health pickups as it's damaged. When the player touches the spore, they will be launched an extremely far distance
  • New Elite Enemy - Sentient Eggsack - A rare floating egg sack and releases masses of Solus hatchlings and fireflies as it's damaged. Drops a Solus Passive on death
  • New Enemy - Junk Drone - Spits out gibs and Scrap as it's damaged, attempting to charge the player to release a defensive fragment blast
  • New Enemy - Junk Crabs - A large species of Crab that has mounted a modular weapons mount to its back, spawning with 1 of 12 different weapons
  • New Enemy - Junk Tentacle - A stationary smasher that pops out of pits in Junk zones. When the player is smashed by it, there's a 50% chance Scrap will be released
  • New Enemy - Icosacore - Small Icosacores that have extremely high movement speed, and explode on impact with the player
  • New Trap - Junk Mine - Once triggered releases Flak Projectiles, including both Heavy and normal Flak. Can be destroyed with explosives.


  • Weapon - Ship Miniblast Stinger - Rapidly fires Mini Grenades
  • Weapon - Ship Miniblast Stinger Variant (The Pinballer) - Fires higher speed bouncier grenades
  • Weapon - Ship Miniblast Pounder - Fires a burst of Mini Grenades
  • Weapon - Ship Miniblast Pounder Variant (Heavy Load) - Fires higher speed bouncy grenades, and fires all grenades in one larger cluster
  • Weapon - Ship Miniblast Ultrarepeater (Large) - Fires rapid fire Mini Grenades
  • Weapon - Ship Miniblast Ultrarepeater Variant (Thunderstruck) - Criticals fire normal contact grenades
  • Weapon - Ship Flak Sprayer - Fires a spray of 2-3 flak bullets with a high fire rate
  • Weapon - Ship Flak Sprayer Variant (Pea Shooter) - Changed to single bullet, much higher fire rate, and extremely high accuracy
  • Weapon - Ship Flak Chainblaster (Large) - Fires bursts of flak projectiles with a large clip
  • Weapon - Ship Flak Chainblaster Variant (Fully Loaded) - Fires twice the bullets each pulse, lower fire rate
  • Weapon - Ship Missile Launcher - Fires a Missile with a large explosion radius
  • Weapon - Ship Missile Launcher Variant (Trailblazer) - Releases Missiles behind the rocket
  • Weapon - Prism Laser Bolter - Fires 6 tiny Energy shots that don't penetrate, followed by 3 Penetrating Energy shots
  • Weapon - Prism Laser Bolter Variant (Stacked Deck) - Fires 3 normal, 3 medium, and 3 explosive shots
  • Weapon - Prism Laser Sniper - Sniper with new energy bullet setup and stronger slow than other snipers
  • Weapon - Prism Laser Sniper Variant (Longshot) - Set to stronger single bullet
  • Weapon - Prism Rebound Rifle - Fires a Rebound Beam (Laser boomerang)
  • Weapon - Prism Rebound Rifle Variant (Split Wicket) - Fires a Rebound Beam releases 2 more rebound beams to the sides when detonated
  • Weapon - Prism Laser Minigun - Rapid fire Mini Lasers
  • Weapon - Prism Laser Minigun Variant (Overloader) - Critical hits fire Explosive Beams
  • Weapon - Ship Junk Compactor - Fires medium Junk Balls that bounce off of enemies before exploding
  • Weapon - Ship Junk Compactor Variant (Junkinator) - When Junk Balls explode, a random cluster of projectiles is released (Flak, Mini Grenades, Contact Grenades, Barrage Rockets, or Flares)
  • Weapon - Ship Junk Crusher - Fires a ball that explodes into Signal Flares, summoning a Junk Meteor onto each flares landing position
  • Weapon - Ship Junk Crusher Variant (Dump Truck) - Meteors explode into a random cluster of projectiles on impact
  • Grenade - Prism Energy Cores - Leaves energy core in small area that deals high damage while enemies are inside of it
  • Grenade - Ship Flak Mod - Releases cluster of Flak
  • Pickup - Ship Flak Charges - Releases Flak Clusters on use
  • Pickup - Prism Sonic Defender - Releases Sonic Pulse on use
  • Pickup - Ship Equipment Calibrator - Reduces Aux Cooldown by 10 seconds when held
  • Passive - Ship Flak Drone - Fires burst of Flak projectiles


  • Level 1 Landmark - Icsoatron Manufactory - A small outpost of Icosatron panels and machinery
  • Level 2 Landmark -  Icosatron Mega Manufactory - A large grouping of Icosatron panels, expanding their territory closer to the Prism Vault
  • Level 4 Landmark - Gigantic Icosatron Manufactory - The core of the Icosatron's territory, where a massive central energy core is used to manufacture new sentient Icosacores
  • Level 1 Landmark - Forgotten Scrapyard - A small series of spires littered with junk, home to a few Junk Crabs and other traps
  • Level 2 Landmark - Mega Scrapyard - A large 2 tiered Scrapyard with smaller islands surrounding
  • Level 4 Landmark - Gigantic Scrapyard - A massive 3 tiered Scrapyard filled with junk collected all over Kovus
  • Scrap Vault - A new Pocket World found within Scrapyard zones, unlockable with a series of Scrap Keys to unlock the 3 doors. The vault contains a massive stockpile of Scrap, Krum the Undermerchant Shopkeeper, a 3 Slot Machine Casino, or a Lost Clone that became trapped in the vault in a previous life
  • Act 1 New Small Tiles - Added a few new Middle and Cap tiles based on the new themes


  • Added new achievements for Lost Clone Squad and Primordial Effigy bosses


  • Effigy Frozen Debuff - Decreased frozen duration
  • Enemy: Karnak - Fixed the Karnak not being damageable by standard weapons and increased movement speed
  • Enemy Projectile: Rockets - Rockets shot by enemies now have lower speed, making their homing more effective but also easier to dodge
  • Enemy: Chilopod - Increased turn speed to make it more difficult for them to roll off of edges. Fixed the Containment Chamber variant having less health.
  • Enemy: Tumors - All Tumor enemy types are now Flammable
  • Enemy: Scrap Ball - Greatly decreased damage on defensive detonate, reduced knockback of detonate
  • Auxiliary Items - Updated Cooldowns for many Auxiliaries to equalize them, with exceptions for unique Aux items like the Tesla Shield. Commons are now 20 seconds, Rare 30 seconds, and Legendary 40 seconds.
  • Auxiliary: Containment Prism - Changed to Rare, Increased Containment time
  • Auxiliary: Rotvine Whip - Increased Heal per Second, Increased Latch Time, increased miss cooldown to 15 (Half of successful)
  • Auxiliary: Laser Port - Increased beam duration, decreased damage per second slightly
  • Passive: Hatchling Guardians - Replaced colliding hatchlings with a new Hatchling Drone that periodically releases 3-5 friendly Hatchlings that home towards enemies.
  • Passive: Floating Icosaport - Increased speed and distance the projectile can fly before exploding
  • Pickup: Flares - Changed to Rare, upgraded to White Flare, reduced to 10 charges.
  • Pickup: Slomo - Decreased duration to 12 Seconds
  • Pickup: Emergency Override - Changed to Legendary, increased damage the override wave causes to droids, reduced charges to 5
  • Pickup: Hive Swarm - Changed to Legendary, increased hatchlings released per charge, reduced charges to 5
  • Pickup: Protein Pustules - Changed to Rare
  • Pickup: Repentant Dagger - Increased Lifesteal to 100% of damage dealt, increased dagger speed, decreased damage
  • Pickup: Starborn Flare - Changed to Rare, increased radius where enemies fight eachother, decreased charges
  • Pickup: Osseous Fragments - Re-enabled and renamed from Passive Osseous Parchment. Changed to Legendary, now summons single temporary bone shield that blocks projectiles for 60 seconds before being destroyed, changed to 5 Charges
  • Weapon: Sonic Projectiles - Decreased Player Self Explosion Damage on all sonic projectile types
  • Weapon: Magrail Blaster and Magrail Revolver - Reduced impact damage of Magrail bullets
  • Weapon: FLK-V Revolver and Variant - Changed to Rare, increased fire rate, and increased ammo to 32
  • Trap: Basalt Stacks - Removed secondary falling basalt blocks and delayed explosion to the basalt stacks. Updated and optimized the particle effects and reduced the amount of gibs spawned by broken basalt stacks to reduce blocking the player 
  • Trap: Rotvine Piles - Increased duration of slow. Replaced stretching tentacle debuff effect with more standard Rotvine effect that attaches to the player
  • Travel: Rotspore Pit - Decreased time before player is spit out, making it quicker to use
  • Travel: Wiener Cannon - Decreased time before player is spit out, making it quicker to use


  • Miscellaneous level and scripting fixes
  • Fixed issue causing player to be Burning/ignited from a fire debuff without a notifier, being unable to extinguish with roll and sometimes lasing permanently
  • Removed crates from Miniboss Arena to prevent interfering with a few minibosses attacks and movement
  • Attempted fix for Menhir Lava Rock variant projectiles not firing when Champion mods are applied
  • Attempted fix for Nightshroud Bouncers on secret platforms having incorrectly sized boost triggers for certain players
  • Fixed incorrect icons on a couple 3D Printer items
  • Fixed a few Weapons from Patch 3.1 having incorrect UI icons
  • Fixed multiple Bestiary entries not rendering models correctly


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Mar 16, 2023


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