Beacon 3.21

Patch 3.21 is released, adjusting the spawn rate of Elite Enemies and adding many 

Beacon Patch 3.21


  • Removed Trench Droid spawners at start of levels
  • Increased chance of Elite Enemies spawning in Landmarks from 10% to 15%
  • Vault Passes to unlock the Scrap Vault are now 3 separate types of key, each correlating to one of the 3 doors to unlock the vault fully.


  • Fixed Level 2 Icosatron Mega Manufactory having a missing battery randomizer, making the main loot island unreachable without mutations
  • Fixed a few item having incorrect model position in Codex
  • Fixed a few incorrect tooltips
  • Fixed Laser Gatling Variant model showing up on top of endings when equipped after winning
  • Attempted fix for Native Ooze and Ultra Ooze not dropping their bestiary entries
  • Fixed incorrect Boost Pad on Level 1 Hydro Trap Exit Tile
  • Fixed many Bestiary entries having incorrect model positions and scales


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Jun 01, 2023


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