Beacon Patch 2.4

Beacon patch 2.4 has arrived adding new Act 1 bosses, DNA features, and dozens of level edits and balance tweaks that bring the game one step closer to completion. 

Some of the most important additions in this patch are the new DNA features, including Faction Bonuses and Recycling. Faction Bonuses give you a passive buff for each pair of DNA from the same faction, adding a new layer to how you choose to alter your genome. Recycling allows you to convert 3 random pieces of DNA into a DNA Mod, giving you more chances to alter your Genome slots and also something to do with extra DNA once your Research is maxed out. 

We’ve also been testing the Dynamic Crosshair for a while now and after a full accuracy pass on every weapon in the game it’s now being added as the default crosshair. The new lines that appear indicate the outer angles of your current weapons accuracy spread and are updated dynamically as your Accuracy stat changes. For example, if you activate a Focus Injector you’ll now be able to see how much your accuracy has improved and what your chance to miss an enemy is based on your distance away. If you try out the new Dynamic Crosshair and still prefer the old direct line, there’s a new option to toggle it back. 

Thanks for everyone's patience as we worked on finalizing and testing patch 2.4 the last couple months! With this patch levels 1-4 are nearing their final forms for the initial release of the game. Level 5 will be getting a bit more content in 2.5 and then Level 6 will come with the initial release of the game next year! Check out the full patch notes for 2.4 below if you want all the details on what’s been added.

Breaking Point


  • New Native Boss: Tritoraptor Matriarch - Face off against the Tritoraptor's largest and deadliest form, able to leap over the arena to repeatedly perform a Tailspin that will knock you off of the edge if not careful. Once below half health, the Matriarch can activate her cloak and will sneak around the arena to lay rapid growing Tritoraptor Eggs.
  • New Prism Boss: Tesla Mega Spider - Fight the Tesla variant of the MK-X Spider Droid, firing explosive Tesla SFG rounds from its head and summoning repeated Tesla Strikes for each transmitter deployed.
  • New Prism Boss: Pyro Mega Spider - Fight the Pyro variant of the MK-X Spider Droid, firing clustering Flame Ball projectiles from its head and summoning a large Flame Hologram Field that covers a large chunk of the arena for each transmitter deployed
  • New Solus Boss: Quilled Hivemind Brain - Fight the Quill variant of the Hivemind Brain, firing out multiple barrages of giant Quill Spears in a 360 degree radius of the arena when agitated. 
  • New Solus Boss: Illuminated Hivemind Brain (Coming in 2.41) - Fight the Light variant of the Hivemind Brain, releasing a massive Light Wave along with some Globule Clusters when agitated. 
  • Prism: Excavation Mega Spider
    • Increased max health by 200 and increased the max damage allowed per stage to 400, allowing the spider to be killed in 3 stages now. 
    • Increased health of stomach prong required to disable boss 
    • Increased health of transmitters
    • Increased speed of laser sweep
    • Set spawn lifts to disable completely once the boss is killed
    • Set all enemies in the arena to be killed by an Emergency Override wave when the boss dies 
    • Added new particles and updated outdated ones
    • Fixed missing floor materials
    • Fixed Spider Boss prong holes not matching the bosses prong position
    • Enabled elevator at exit platform that allows the player to return up top
  • Solus: Acidic Hivemind
    • Improved readability of the red flash when the Hivemind Brain is taking damage
    • Updated Wiener and Tail models and set up Wieners to explode when killed
    • Added chance for health or a pickup to drop on wiener kill
    • Increased wiener health
    • Scaled up Tails and increased their attack range
    • Reduced tail slam damage
    • Set Wieners and Tails to burrow permanently when the Hivemind Brain is killed
    • Updated exit drop to allow the player to fly back up using a Wiener Cannon
    • Fixed Hivemind Brain sometimes overlapping attacks when entering its second stage
    • Fixes to wieners being damageable or attacking at times when they shouldn’t
  • Uncharted: Flauros Aphelion
    • Decreased cooldown on Flame Wave attack
    • Greatly decreased cooldown on Bloat Summon attack
    • Increased Bloat health
    • Reduced health pickup drop rate on Bloats
    • Added Reflect to Bone Shields
    • Fixed Aphelion sometimes not teleporting to the center before casting Flame Barrage 
    • Fixed Aphelion not rotating while casting Flame Barrage central attack
    • Fixed Bloats not exploding when they float into a Bone Shrine
  • Updated boss light bridge entrance disable sequences


  • Solus: Acid Wiener - Separated from the Hivemind, the Wiener survives on its own in a large chitin form found in Solus dominated territory.
  • Solus: Quill Wiener - A solo Quill Wiener, after unburrowing it sprays a barrage of quill projectiles over an area around the player.

DNA Reconstitution Process

  • New Function: Recycle - Added Recycle function that allows you to trade 3 random pieces of DNA in your inventory for a random DNA mod. This will help make finding mods easier if you were unlucky with looting them as well as give players who have passed the research cap something else to do with bonus DNA found in runs.
  • New Function: Faction Bonuses - Added Faction Bonuses that are applied when 2 pieces of the same faction are slotted in your genome. With each 2 matching pieces added a stack of the faction's buff is granted.
  • Faction Bonus: Prism - +50% Accuracy
  • Faction Bonus: Solus - +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • Faction Bonus: Native - +50% Stamina Regen
  • Faction Bonus: Uncharted - +5% Item Drop Rate
  • Mutation Life Cap - Set Mutation Life cap to 10 to prevent extremely high mutation lives


  • DNA Icons on the Reconstitute Screen now show the faction's icon instead of a letter
  • Added Weather Type name to Map Screen, with temperature and stormcell icon
  • Added Darken HUD Corners Option, enabling a dark gradient over the left and right HUD indicators to make more clear to read against bright backgrounds
  • Added new aim assisting Dynamic Crosshair that more accurately displays the accuracy of your current weapon. Dynamic Crosshair is now the standard aiming option and an option has been added to change back to the old direct line.


  • Added GibManager to limit max number of gibs spawnable. When the limit is reached, previous gibs from the list are deleted. 
  • Added DNA pickup particle effect


  • Added Bestiary Logs for all Uncharted and Native faction enemies
  • Added more memento spaws in Act 2 Landmark levels


  • Added Level 2 Volta Cargo Pod Landmark - Explore the crashed Cargo pod of a rival Corp. Search for power boxes to disable holo-barriers left active in the pod and boost your way to bonus loot.
  • Added Level 4 Volta Life Support Pod - Explore a crashed Life Support pod from a rival Corp, with Medbay and Aquaponics sections. Search for power boxes to release the O2 pod in the center and gain access to bonus loot.
  • Added Act 1 Shipwrecked Spire and Megaspire Telemite Maw pocket worlds - Jumping into a Telemite Maw now has a chance to bring you to a Shipwrecked Spire, offering a piece of bonus loot or access to a 3D Printer
  • Added Act 2 Native Irradiated Rotspire loot zone - Explore the rotspire and find out how to release the Bonespikes to gain access to the loot
  • Added Level 4 Shipwreck Cap Tiles, giving Ship loot if you venture to the edges of the level and can clear debris blocking the entrance.
  • Added new secret variants to the Level 3 Containment and Shipping Reactor landmark levels
  • Updated a handful of Act 1 Cap, Middle, and Trap tiles with improved layouts and more randomized loot spawns. 
  • Updated Level 2 Untamed Sanctuary - Merged main Untamed Sanctuary zone with main level tile, allowing the main terrain to show up on the Map screen and increasing performance
  • Updated a few Level 4 Intro tiles with improved terrain and new blockade randomizers
  • Updated Level 4 Shipping Headquarters - Improved level intro terrain and fortress forms, updated shipping container detailing, updated left fortress removing side vertical conveyors and adding a new bridge to the upper exit, added new central platform variants, updated and added new secret variants
  • Updated Level 4 Hydro Headquarters - Widened fortress forms, widened all pipe forms to make easier to traverse, added new pipe detail forms to fortress spires, updated and added new secret variants
  • Updated Level 4 Mining Headquarters - Removed lower left secret terrain, adjusted right entrance terrain, widened middle fortress platforms, updated and added new secret variants
  • Updated Level 4 Solus Mega Hive - Updated entrance terrain with zip lines, added new wiener enemy spawn variants to the previously empty holes in the chitin forms 


  • Loot Spawns
    • Updated small and large crate (Stockpile) loot spawns. Small crates now drop 2 items max and large crates 3 items, increasing by 1 for each stack of the Uncharted bonus
    • Updated enemy loot spawns. Small enemies now drop max 1 item, medium enemies 2, and large enemies 3
  • Enemies: Reduced max threat range on most enemies to prevent following the player too far and increased alert ranges
  • Player - Increased default Stamina Recharge delay from 4 to 5 seconds
  • Player - Adjusted Speed curve values, increasing the max speed and adjusting the animation speeds to feel more natural with the new curve
  • Enemy: Icosatron - Added 75% chance for Icosatron to overload when near low health, exploding in a large radius after 4 seconds if not killed. Also increased roll speed slightly
  • Enemy: Karnak - Updated loot method to allow damaging the Karnak with any weapon instead of only a well placed explosive
  • Enemy: Tesla Droid MK2 - Increased radius of Tesla Grenade explosion to match the player's grenade radius
  • Enemy: Containment Droid -  Increased radius of Fragment Grenade explosion to match the player's grenade radius
  • Enemy: Solus Ward and Wardling - Reduced scuttle speed by about half.
  • Added chance for Rotspore Nectar health pickups to drop from native enemies
  • Weapons: Overall accuracy balance pass has been done after the addition of the Prism Faction Bonus and new accuracy line crosshair. Most weapons have lower overall accuracy, with heavy weapons and shotguns generally having the widest spreads. 
  • Weapon: LMG - Reduced bullet damage slightly
  • Weapon: Sniper - Reduced initial sway and speed of laser when aiming, making it easier to fire quick shots with if timed right
  • Weapon: Explosive Crossbow - Increased base damage of explosive bolt, increased hitbox size of bolt bullet, reduced speed of explosive bolt.
  • Weapon: Sonic Shotgun - Reduced Accuracy lower spread to make Focus Injectors more useful paired with it
  • Weapon: Starborn Sniper - Reduced base shot damage
  • Weapon: Starborn Shotgun and Fractal Death (Variant) - Reduced base damage of bullet, increased hitbox size of bullets
  • Weapon: Flamethrower - Increased max range of flames shot out
  • Auxiliary: Quill Bladder - Increased amount of bursts able to be charged and increased amount of quills shot per burst.
  • Auxiliary: Laser Port - Increased laser damage per second and damage radius of laser
  • Auxiliary: Concussive Missile - Increased damage and radius of the explosion
  • Pickup: Repentant Dagger - Spread out damage range of daggers and increased lifesteal to 50% of damage dealt
  • Grenade: Fragment - Increased range slightly and spread out damage min/max
  • Grenade: Nematode - Reduced detonate time and increased damage slightly. 
  • Passive: Hacking Drone - Set Hacking drone to not hack if there's only one droid nearby.
  • Passive: Tesla Drone - Increased duration of summoned drone to 60 seconds
  • Passive: Laser Sight MK1 and MK2 - Lowered accuracy gain from Accuracy passives to make acquiring the Prism Faction Bonus more desirable. MK1 is now +25 Accuracy and MK2 +50
  • Mutation: Illuminated Antenna - Reduced time required standing still to activate Accuracy bonus
  • Mutation: Tesla Boltfeet - Increased dodge duration and cooldown of dodge, and shortened dodge slightly to match base dodge distance. Also reduced stamina cost slightly. 
  • Mutation: Springy Claws - Decreased dodge duration and cooldown of dodge, and lengthened dodge slightly to match base dodge distance.
  • Raised Base DNA drop chance on Small enemies slightly
  • DNA Mod - Pickup Duration - Changed to +5 Seconds Duration
  • DNA Mod - Stamina Recharge - Changed from increased Stamina Regen to -1 Second Stamina Recharge Delay
  • NanoMed Console - Increased heal per second to reduce time spent at the console
  • Weather: Tesla Strike - Added new randomized Tesla Ring trap that can be left behind randomly after a lightning strike, stunning the player if entered. Lowered tesla strike initial damage. 
  • Weather: Sporefall - Updated sporefall to be a larger mound of spores that falls and bursts, instead of slow falling spore pickups


  • Fixed level 3 exit fog being black
  • Fixed a few enemies not showing up in their Bestiary log preview
  • Fixed Flashlight appearing on clone bay opening
  • Fixed Flashlight casting a shadow of your own weapon often
  • Fixed a few DNA Skill Mod stats not correctly granting the stats when spawned in game
  • Fixed DNA not spawning in challenge runs still
  • Fixed Laser Sight MK1 and MK2 items not correctly granting stats
  • Fixed Chilopodrae enemy bounce/reflect staying active after charging
  • Fixed Bonespike Auxiliary item not spawning from Bone Caches
  • Fixed Transmitter Arm mutation melee using normal melee attack on top of the Prism enemy hack ability
  • Fixed a few incorrect memento names and model previews
  • Fixed Prism Transmitter Arm mutation hacking all enemies, not just Prism
  • Fixed Flauros enemy animations not looping
  • Fixed DNA Caches accidentally merging, causing less to spawn than intended in many DNA Cache loot spawns
  • Fixed Telemite Mini Maw triggering the player drop drone if jumped into from a high height
  • Fixed Solus boss loot spawn rewarding Prism DNA
  • Fixed ship power boxes being difficult to hit sometimes
  • Fixed Mining Droids walking screenshake having no distance clamp
  • Fixed Steam Vent traps not pushing player
  • Fixed many arena intro stinger sounds not playing
  • Fixed seams on many fortresses and forest terrains showing
  • Fixed enemy health bars disappearing when over certain weather fog types
  • Fixed Rain and Storm weather rain particles not spawning in a big enough area when the camera is zoomed out far
  • Many miscellaneous level fixes


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Nov 27, 2019


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