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Beacon patch 2.5 is released adding new Level 5 Landmark zones, UI improvements, and an overhaul to Pickup items! Patch 2.5 will be our last major content patch in Early Access. Over the next few months we’ll release a few small patches with more UI improvements and quality of life fixes, but our main focus will now be on finishing the game for release later this year. We’ll let everyone know when we have more information on the launch ready to share! 

One of the biggest changes this update is the overhaul to Pickup items, updating every pickup in the game to be more powerful and meaningful to your run instead of being trash that litters the ground after fights. All buff pickups have been updated to Passive Pickups, providing a buff to the player permanently as long as the item is held. All attack and utility pickups have been updated as well, adding more charges and buffing the power of the pickup if necessary. Coming across multiple pickups now will force you to make a choice over which to carry depending on if you want more attack power or want to hold onto a Passive buff for a few fights. 

The final set of Tinkered Weapon Variants are also included in this patch, bringing the total weapon count up to 100 now. The new variants are a mix of old and recently added weapons, with 8 of them requiring Research levels to unlock. 

A new set of UI improvements has been added in this update as well, including the Ammo Wheel and new Weather Hologram Notifiers. The Ammo Wheel appears when a weapon is being fired, showing you directly near the player how much of your magazine is left without having to glance to the corner of the screen. The new Weather Hologram Notifiers appear for all Stormcell events, giving a much clearer preview of the impact area and danger level. 

Patch 2.51 should be released in a few weeks, and will include more UI updates along with a new Notifier system that will better inform the player which objects are interactable and give hints at how to complete secret areas. Check out the full patch notes for Patch 2.5 below. 



  • HUD Ammo Wheel - Added a segmented wheel that appears around your player and depletes as your ammunition is used. The wheel is segmented based on your equipped weapon's magazine size.
  • Weather Notifiers - Added new hologram weather notifiers that appear on the floor when a Stormcell is incoming, warning the player of the impact zone of the Stormcell.
  • Added new Tab Screen animations when tab screen is open or the tab is switched
  • Adjusted spacing of the corner HUD elements, giving more space from the edges of the screen
  • Swapped the position of the ammo counter and weapon icon on the bottom right HUD element
  • Added Faction names to beginning of Faction Bonus tooltips

New Tinkered Weapon Variants

  • Sonic Shotgun Variant "Tidal Wave"
  • RotBlaster Variant "Siamese Twins"
  • LMG Variant "Double Tap"
  • Energy Blaster Variant "Sparky"
  • Energy Rifle Variant "Spray N' Pray"
  • Laser Refractor Variant "Refactored Refractor"
  • Bone Bouncer Variant "Far Flung"
  • Bonesling Variant "Osteoblast"
  • Laser Carbine Variant "Last Word"
  • Remote Crossbow Variant "Quiverer"
  • Stygian Hunter Variant "Hellhound"
  • Stygian Hammer Variant "Stonewall"


  • Luck Stat Update - Replaced Luck's previous functionality with new Jackpot system. Every crate you open has a chance of being a jackpot, forcing 2 extra items to drop. Your chance to get a jackpot raises and lowers based on your Luck stat.
  • Reduced Fog of War reveal radius slightly
  • Updated all items to have consistent icon scaling and glows
  • Added new ambient particles to Swamspore Lights, Succulent Fruit Trees, and other objects to better draw attention to them

Pickups Overhaul

  • Pickups: Passive Pickups - Converted all Buff Pickup items into new Passive Pickups, granting the player a buff permanently while the item is held. If the Pickup is dropped or swapped the buff is removed. Specific changes and converted items listed below.
  • Pickups: Attacks and Utility - Altered many utility and attack pickups to have more charges and be more powerful, but reduced drop rates. Pickups are meant more now to be a choice of attack to hold onto for a few fights instead of items you spammed to swap after they began littering the floor. Specific changes listed below. 
  • Passive Pickup: Focus Injector - Grants +100 Accuracy and +25% reload speed while held
  • Passive Pickup: Adrenaline Injector - Grants +100 Speed while held
  • Passive Pickup: Steroid Injector - Grants +100 Resistance while held
  • Passive Pickup: Flydrop Core - Removes Stamina recharge delay while held
  • Passive Pickup: Palier Stem - Grants +30 All Stats while held
  • Passive Pickup: Matriarch's Egg - Gives +100 Stamina, +100 Speed, -100 Accuracy while held
  • Passive Pickup: Wild Feast - Gives +1 Health Regen while held
  • Passive Pickup: Tesla Injector - Gives Infinite Stamina while held
  • Passive Pickup: Wrist Monitor - Converted from Passive, gives +100 Stamina while held
  • Passive Pickup: Pyro Vest - Converted from Passive, gives +100 Flame Armor while held
  • Passive Pickup: Tesla Vest  - Converted from Passive, gives +100 Tesla Armor while held
  • Passive Pickup: Hive Nectar - Gives +300 Resistance, -100 Speed while held
  • Passive Pickup: Illuminated Sporeling - Gives +100 Critical Hit while held
  • Passive Pickup: Soured Veins - Gives +300 Speed and -300 Stamina while held
  • Passive Pickup: Celestial Clover - Converted from Passive, gives +300 Luck while held
  • Pickup: Tritoraptor Egg - Replaced with a 5 charge healing item, restoring 10 Health and 50 Stamina each use
  • Pickup: Crab Legs - Increased heal from 10 to 20, increased Stamina replenish from 50 to 100, and increased charges from 3 to 5.
  • Pickup: Flare - Increased charges from 5 to 10
  • Pickup: Proximity Mines - Increased charges from 5 to 10, increased Mine explode damage
  • Pickup: Repentant Daggers - Increased charges from 5 to 10, added ambient and impact sounds to the dagger
  • Pickup: Quill Spears - Increased charges from 5 to 10, added ambient and impact sounds to the spear
  • Pickup: Bonerangs - Increased charges from 5 to 10, increased bone impact damage
  • Pickup: Magrail Meteors - Increased charges from 1 to 3, added reticule to show where your meteor will impact
  • Pickup: Mega Satellite Strike - Increased charges from 1 to 3, improved reticule telegraphing, reduced damage slightly
  • Pickup: Hatchling Halo - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Mega Swarm - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Mega-Barrage - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Tesla Drone - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Remote Hack - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Nanomed Trauma Patch - Increased from 1 charge to 3, increased permanent heal from 25 to 50 (Now heals 100 immediately and 50 fades away)
  • Pickup: Emergency Override - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Slomo - Increased charges from 1 to 3
  • Pickup: Starborn Flare - Increased charges from 1 to 5, Increased radius of flare debuff effect, updated particles
  • Pickup: Rotbladders - Increased charges from 1 to 5, added pop sound when boost is activated
  • Pickup: Reactive Shield - Increased charges from 1 to 5
  • Pickup: Telemite Serum - Increased charges from 1 to 5
  • Pickup: Inverter - Increased duration from 8 seconds to 20 seconds


  • Start Crates - Greatly increased the chance that the 2 crates in the start crash site will drop a 1 handed weapon if spawned
  • DNA - Updated the statistics ranges of all DNA types, reducing negative stat bonuses overall to make early game genomes less punishing and to compensate for the new Mutation stat bonuses 
  • Mutations: Stat bonuses - Added and updated many of the stat bonuses on mutations, theming them more specifically to the enemy set they originate from and adding more negative stat bonuses to attempt at balancing the power of late game builds. New slot stat bonuses are detailed below, with a few exceptions on mutations like Rejected Arm. 
  • Mutations: Head Slots - Head slots now provide +40 of their subfaction's positive stat bonus
  • Mutations: Chest Slots - Chest slots now provide +40 and -80 of their subfaction's stat bonuses
  • Mutations: Arms, Legs, and Tail Slots - Now provide -40 of their subfaction's negative stat bonus
  • Mutation: Palier Back - Increased Stamina replenish chance when damaged from 10% to 20%
  • Mutation: Bracing Scales - Decreased Damage Ignore chance when damaged from 25% to 20%
  • Mutation: Reactive Shell - Reduced damage required to trigger the Quill Spray
  • Mutation: Rejected Arm - Increased Speed from +40 to +80, increased Accuracy from -15 to -40
  • Mutation: Feelers - Added +40 Accuracy bonus
  • Mutation: Pyro Cannon - Changed Pyro Cannon from flame ball projectile to a flame cannon projectile, making it impossible to harm yourself with the projectile
  • Enemy: Excavation Eye and Drone - Reduced speed of beam, increased noise on beam aim
  • Weapon: Plasma Pistol and Roadrunner (Variant) - Increased Accuracy
  • Grenade: Tesla - Increased speed/range of Tesla grenade throw


  • Level 5 Hydro Core Added - Raise or lower the water level in the Hydro Core to reach new areas and direct the beam into the power core. 
  • Level 5 Excavation Core Added - Explore the excavation core and disable the laser engines to guide your beams to the power core.
  • Updated Level 5 exit, adding a new Beacon Locator locked on the elevator platform until the beam puzzle in the landmark is completed.
  • Many various level fixes and tweaks


  • New Ship Memento: Soda Case
  • New Uncharted Memento: Mirage Sample
  • New Onyx Memento: Harmonic Rod


  • New Level 2 Combat music added 


  • Fixed Save File Break caused by the Energetic Tail mutation
  • Fixed a handful of items and weapons from recent patches missing from the resources list, causing them to not load from Continue saves
  • Fixed Tesla and Pyro hologram head mutations missing from the mutation drop list after recent update to those mutations
  • Fixed Highlight Shader not working in the last few builds
  • Fixed Pickups still showing the uses counter for Passive and one time use pickups if one with charges was previously held
  • Updated the settings on all item icon textures to reduce texture memory usage
  • Updated the settings on many particle sprites and other textures to reduce texture memory usage
  • Fixed Level 3 Hydro Reactor Prism variant flux nodes not activating the Reactor
  • Fixed Beam Redirector lasers on level 5 not being low enough to damage the player when walked through
  • Fixed a handful of memento titles being too long
  • Fixed basalt stacks being pulled by conveyors not being blow-upable
  • Fixed tesla debuff stunning enemies forever in some cases
  • Fixed Blood Altar waypoint not being marked as found after use
  • Fixed awkward weather transition when entering Level 5 landmark zones
  • Fixed Left Mouse and Right Mouse inputs not displaying correctly on the HUD. Now shows "LM" and "RM"
  • Fixed heightfog textures displaying as black on DX11-DX9
  • Fixed two spelling errors on the Tutorial intro screen
  • Fixed player getting stuck in a falling loop if a trigger_push is jumped into with a launch mutation
  • Fixed Chilpodrae being able to launch Chilopod enemies, causing them to become undamageable
  • Fixed Tritoraptor Queen sometimes leaping at the player after they have been flung off of the level, causing to it stay below the arena until it can leap up again
  • Fixed Spider Droid bosses health bars being activated before the player reaches the boss platform


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