Beacon 2.61

Beacon patch 2.61 is uploaded, making a few tweaks and fixes from feedback on the latest patch as well as adding a Minimap!


  • Added Minimap to top right corner of the screen
  • Added option to disable Minimap
  • Updated Flauros and Solus weather visuals and lighting
  • Raised Champion spawn chance on all enemies again, making double champions more common and increasing the difficulty slightly following the new power curve with Recycling 
  • Brightened textures on a handful of enemies to make them more visible against the environment
  • Decreased default player camera scaling from 1.3 to 1.2, making the camera slightly more zoomed in
  • Mutation: Draining Maw - Reduced max lifesteal per crit from 8 to 5


  • Fixed basalt columns and rock formations on cliff sides triggering the drop drone when the player falls and lands on them
  • Fixed Champion Spawn modifiers on difficulty settings having the opposite effect, making Easy have the most champions and Extreme the least
  • Fixed a few issues with Level 5 flux nodes and beam puzzles
  • Fixed a few Shipping Barriers having misplaced fall triggers and added more fall triggers to barriers missing them
  • Fixed Bloated Gland acid projectiles being reflectable, sometimes causing them to duplicate repeatedly on impact
  • Fixed some waterfalls and other splashes not moving correctly in Hydro Dam levels because of static batching
  • Fixed broken Rotspore Launcher in Level 4 Irradiated Sanctuary landmark
  • Fixed a few waypoints in pocket worlds not disappearing once discovered
  • Fixed a handful of pocket world waypoints showing on the map when they shouldn't
  • Fixed Bone Stockpile waypoints not showing on the map
  • Fixed waypoints missing from Uncharted crates
  • Optimized Beam Redirector particles
  • Optimized Shipping Drone  jet particles


Beacon 2.61 669 MB
Jun 12, 2020


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