Beacon 2.62

Patch 2.62 includes dozens of balance tweaks, fixes, and a new Input system that should fix problems with controllers not registering for some users! This is the first minor patch responding to the feedback from thousands of new players following the Itch.Io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. The feedback has been overwhelming for a team our size, but we're doing our best to sort through everything and make tweaks as quick as we can! 

Input issues have been appearing much more often with all of the new players, and we quickly wanted to fix them if possible since it prevents many people from playing the game. We've completely replaced the input system with Unity's new system, making rebinding and setting up new controls much easier on our end and hopefully fixing the issues some players were having with their input not registering correctly. If you still have a problem with your controller or mouse registering in game, please let us know. 

Weapon balance is a big topic that has been discussed on our Discord server over the week. The biggest critiques have been many weapons feeling weak compared to the pistol, some weapons feeling overpowered paired with stacking ammo mods, and reload times being unsatisfying. Balance tweaks have been made to many of the weapons in the game this patch, along with a handful of reductions to weapon reload times for some types of weapons. Heavy weapons and a few other powerful weapons will continue to have lengthy reload times for now, but the power of a few of them has been increased. Since there's no ammo in the game, reload time is one of the few ways we can prevent over-use of one weapon in extended fights. 

Ammo mods no longer reflect back onto the player either, meaning you'll no longer slowly die to your own radiation or stun yourself if attacking enemies from close up with Concussive Ammo. Ammo mods will get a few more tweaks in the future, but for now to balance them stacking with Recycling all ammo mods have had their chance to apply reduced.

We’ll be working on Patch 2.63 for release in a few weeks now, including some tweaks to the Recycling system and more fixes! 


  • Replaced Rewired input system with Unity's new input system. This should hopefully fix many of the recent input detection issues and fix many of the rebind bugs, although new bugs may exist.
  • Default Weapon Switch key changed to Scroll Wheel on PC, with scrolling both directions fixed in the new input system
  • Options: Input - Added option to select Keyboard or Controller input. Game no longer needs to be restarted to select input, but Controller must be selected to use a Controller.


  • Player: Speed - Reduced speed curve values slightly
  • Ammo Passive Mods - Set ammo mods to not apply to the player when reflected. This should make Radiation stop reflecting onto the player and fix certain explosive ammo mods consistently stunning yourself
  • Ammo Passive Mods - Reduced chance to apply all ammo mods slightly to compensate for current Recycling stacking. Will probably be adjusted again in the future as more changes are made
  • Boss: Tritoraptor Matriach - Increased max health by 400, decreased Cloak cooldown, decreased Egg Lay time, decreased Egg grow time, added 2 Tritoraptor Patriarchs to egg burst spawn, fixed area of arena where Matriarch would get stuck while running around
  • Boss: Solus Hiveminds - Increased health by 400, Increased Stage 2 trigger health to 800, increased amount of enemies spawned during the fight, increased Quill Waves on Quill Hivemind to 5 and adjusted attack animations/timing, increased Quill and Acid Wiener healths by 20, added notifier to exit hole after boss is killed
  • Boss: Mega Pyro Spider - Added window during Pyro Hologram summons where they are disabled and you can enter to destroy the transmitter without catching on fire
  • Enemy: Native Rattleslug - Increased range it can leap from and decreased leap cooldown
  • Enemy: Prism Tesla Drone - Increased attack cooldown
  • Enemy: Uncharted Hexagoth - Decreased Spin Attack cooldown, decreased time before first Spin Attack
  • Champion Mods - Reduced health multiplier from 2x to 1.5x (+50%). 3 Crown Champions should now have slightly over 3x health instead of 8x, and lower level champions less health. 
  • Champion Mod: Prism Tesla Champion - Decreased damage of tesla arcs, decreased attack radius, increased attack cooldown
  • Champion Mod: Solus Acidic Champion - Added Acid Pools that spawn every few seconds from the enemy and added Mini Acid Cluster globules from the death explosion
  • Champion Mod: Solus Globule Champion - Increased globules released on death
  • Champion Mod: Solus Fertilized Champion - Increased amount of hatchlings dropped, set up to cause the first hit on the enemy to spawn a group of hatchlings
  • Auxiliary: Deployable Turret - Increased health of Assault and Rocket turrets by 2x
  • Auxiliary: Menhir and Golden Menhir (Variant) - Greatly decreased delay before impact, increased damage
  • Pickups - Removed Pickup drops from small enemies, removed Passive Pickup drops from medium enemies, and reduced pickup drop chances from Large enemies. (LESS WRIST MONITORS)
  • Pickups: Health Pickups - Increased radius of health pickups and adjusted heal values of multiple health pickups
  • Pickup: Scorched Choker and Golden Scorched Choker - Increased health limit to 75, decreased healing speed
  • Pickup: Focus Injector - Decreased Accuracy stat bonus to 50
  • Pickup: Palier Stem - Temporarily removed Health from stat increase to prevent healing abuse bug, removed hidden stats being increased (Accuracy and Reload Speed)
  • Pickup: Bio-Extractor - Set Heal to be random between 1-3 instead of a flat 3
  • Pickup: Magrail Meteor - Improved explosion particle effect of meteor, decreased amount of magrail gibs spawned from cluster explosives
  • Passive: Hailshard Drone - Removed self-damage/freezing from the Hailshard explosion, reduced orbit radius to make it easier to position
  • Passive: Boneslivers - Reduced damage on Bonesliver hit from 80 to 40
  • Weapon: Plasma Pistol and Roadrunner (Variant) - Improved fire rate and burst speed of Roadrunner, increased reload times slightly.
  • Weapon: Assault Rifle and Swift Arbiter (Variant) - Decreased reload time, increased damage on Swift Arbiter projectiles
  • Weapon: Riot Shotgun and Brass Beast (Variant) - Removed distance limit on Riot Shotgun projectiles, increased projectile amount, increased knockback, reduced accuracy, reduced damage of Brass Beast flak ammo
  • Weapon: Mini Launcher and Splitshot (Variant) - Added light homing to mini rocket projectiles, increased magazine size to 9
  • Weapon: Rapid Rockets - Increased magazine size to 15
  • Weapon: Quill Revolver and Late Bloomer (Variant) - Increased magazine size to 20, increased ammo regeneration speed, decreased ammo regen start delay, decreased Quill Slug bullet damage slightly
  • Weapon: Quill Cannon and Thorn Dealer (Variant) - Increased magazine size to 40, increased quills fired per burst, decreased ammo regen start delay, reduced ammo regeneration speed
  • Weapon: Quill Gatling and Lance Keeper (Variant) - Changed Lance Keeper critical quill bullet to deal less damage, decreased ammo regen start delay, decreased ammo regen speed, reduced attack speed
  • Weapon: Rotspore Repeater and Seeker (Variant) - Decreased needle detonate time, increased needle damage
  • Weapon: Rotspore Blaster and Siamese Twins (Variant) - Replaced wave projectiles with a homing missile projectile type, increased amount of needles per shot, decreased needle damage
  • Weapon: Rotspore Maw - Increased magazine size to 3, added light homing to projectile, decreased amount of needles released, increased ammo regen delay
  • Weapon: Grenade Launcher - Reduced life of contact grenades and fixed grenades not exploding on contact with a few Act 1 Bosses
  • Weapon: Magrail Launcher and High Roller (Variant) - Decreased charge time to fire, increased accuracy, decreased reload time per shot, decreased amount of gibs on clusters
  • Weapon: Chaingun and Death's Door (Variant) - Increased attack speed charge time, decreased Chaingun magazine size, increased Death's Door magazine size
  • Weapon: Sonic Revolver and Hotshot (Variant) - Increased bullet damage slightly, decreased reload time
  • Weapon: Sonic Rifle and Audiophile (Variant) - Decreased reload time, increased magazine size of Rifle, decreased magazine size of Audiophile, increased accuracy of Audiophile
  • Weapon: Sonic Gatling and Leviathan (Variant) - Increased Sonic Gatling magazine size, increased bullets per burst, increased bullet damage slightly, increased accuracy, decreased reload time
  • Weapon: Sonic Shotgun and Tidal Wave (Variant) - Increased projectiles per wave, increased range, decreased projectile damge
  • Weapon: Tesla SMG and Livewire (Variant) - Reduced stun from Tesla debuff to prevent stunlocking enemies, increased magazine size of Livewire, reduced reload time
  • Weapon: Pulse Rifle and Electrocutioner (Variant) - Decreased reload time, increased Electrocutioner Mini Tesla SFG projectile damage and explosion damage
  • Weapon: Tesla SFG and Mjollnir (Variant) - Increased lower damage limit of Tesla SFG projectile, decreased reload time, fixed Mjollnir tesla coils attacking the player 
  • Weapon: Flame Cannon - Increased projectile damage, decreased charge time
  • Weapon: Stygian Hunter and Hellhound (Variant) - Removed charge to increase fire rate (Fixes semi-auto spam bug), increased base fire rate to compensate
  • Weapon: Helix Repeater - Increased reload speed, decreased magazine size by half
  • Weapon: Helix Overcharger - Increased reload speed, decreased magazine size by half
  • Weather: Stormcells - Increased cooldown between Stormcell spawn rolls and increased chance for Stormcell roll to 20%
  • Weather: Spore Lump - Decreased amount of health pickups for each lump burst


  • Added support for DNA Mods being saved and re-loaded on Continue
  • Removed Mechanic Diary system, Notifiers have replaced the main purpose of them and most players never noticed the existence of the previous mechanic diaries.
  • Beacon Locators now require you to activate them manually, and will freeze the player on use to prevent being able to jump off during the level transition
  • Added floor markers to Prism Beam puzzles on Level 5, showing the direction of the beam necessary to complete the beam puzzle.
  • Added more noticeable hologram deny to locked Prism doors that have no way to enter them


  • Added new Jackpot sound
  • Added new VO lines to Level 3 Landmark Reactors
  • Added new VO lines to Level 4 Exit
  • Added new DNA Research SFX that should be more pleasing to hear repeatedly
  • Fixed audio mixer being incorrect on many debuff sounds, making them too loud
  • Fixed loud audio change occuring after dying before the Reconstitute screen is loaded
  • Fixed fall sound stacking multiple times during some vertical drops, especially in tunnels
  • Fixed audio culling not working in the Tutorial level, causing waterfall sounds to stack and be overly loud
  • Fixed Basalt Stack explode SFX not having a pitch randomizer, making it sound worse when multiple are blown up


  • Dozens of miscellaneous level fixes mentioned on discord and itch bug lists
  • Fixed overlapping items being difficult to pick up, weapons and pickups should have a higher priority now when health/grenades are stacked on them
  • Fixed Bio-Extractor, Ammo Synthesizer, and Mesmer Pickup items disappearing from inventory on Continue
  • Fixed Sonic Ammo Passive Item missing from the Prism list on the Recycle Manager
  • Fixed Minimap being offset incorrectly on 16:10 and other resolutions
  • Fixed Minimap being active on New Item and Memento screens
  • Fixed Minimap displaying in map disable zones and pause screens
  • Fixed Level 3 Boss Platforms dropping player off of the Boss Platform often if the player falls off during the boss fight
  • Fixed chunk of the Level 3 light bridge platform being left after boss fight is enabled
  • Fixed contact grenades bouncing off of Prism large turrets
  • Fixed collisions on Solus loot cavern entrance to prevent a few player stuck spots
  • Fixed Ship Cache crate trapping the player if standing behind the crate when it opens
  • Fixed a few explosive weapons and items having their explosions able to reflect when they shouldn't
  • Fix attempted for closed large Ship containers scattered in shipwreck environments often having player stuck spots
  • Fix attempted for Prism crates throwing weapons into the crate, making them difficult to pick up
  • Fix attempted for Solus and Flauros weather events sometimes causing enemies to spawn underneath the floor
  • Fixed Tesla ball projectiles using a 2,000 triangle sphere model for no reason
  • Fixed Trap Ship Crate not defusing with explosives, and reduced explosive damage
  • Fixed a handful of incorrect item descriptions and stats
  • Fixed Solus Ward and Wardling quills floating away instead of arcing downwards to the ground
  • Fixed Chaingun muzzle being mispositioned
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions on a few mutations and items


  •  Fixed Freeze caused by DNA Mods being saved to your Continue file
  •  Mutation: Telemite Hooves - Increased Stamina cost from 20 to 30
  • A few more Level Fixes


  • Fixed dodge mutations that use charge/release mechanics not working correctly with the new input system


  • Fixed Continue Freeze caused by DNA Faction Bonuses saving incorrectly
  • Fixed shaders not being correctly pre-loaded (Should help reduce stuttering in many cases)
  • Minor level fixes
  • Removed missing scripts from Pollution reticules


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Jun 25, 2020


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I actually quite liked the fact that you had to be careful with ammo mods so as not to irradiate yourself, but I can understand why you've changed that. 

Fun game regardless. :)

I agree but it was a bit too difficult to balance the Radiation damage on enemies vs. the player, and getting stunlocked by your own bullets was never fun. When shots are reflected at you they will still deal the base shot damage, just the stuns and debuffs won't be applied from your ammo mods. 

Great to see such aggressive progress being made! Nice work! :) 


Thank you! Unfortunately we just had to revert this patch back to 2.61 because of a freeze bug caused by DNA Mods being saved and a few other issues, but we'll re-release it in a few days with more fixes added on. 

Yeah, I saw that. It's all good! :)