Beacon 2.63

Patch 2.63 is out including a new Codex screen on the Main Menu and Boss Bestiary logs! As usual another chunk of fixes and balance tweaks have been added as well. Thanks to everyone for their continued feedback! 


  • Added Codex screen to the Main Menu, allowing players to view their collected items and bestiary entries without being in game
  • Added Bestiary descriptions for Act 1 Bosses
  • Added Bestiary entries for Flauros Bloat and Native Karnak enemies
  • Set Beacon Locator trigger and notifier to disappear once activated
  • Set Beacon Locator to make the player invincible once it locks the player until level transition
  • Increased Mass and Drag of DNA drops to prevent them flinging too far from explosions
  • Added Player Lock to Prism Equipment Cache elevators to prevent dodging off while traveling
  • Added new Solus Infestation variant to Prism Shipping Container spawn variants


  • Player: Speed - Raised lower and upper speed limits slightly. They are still a bit lower than pre 2.62.
  • Champion Mod: Native Rotspore Champion - Added Rotneedle cluster that is released along with rotspore gas on enemy death
  • Champion Mod: Native Polluted Champion - Added Pollution pool that appears after the enemy dies
  • Auxiliary: Rotvine Whip - Decreased cooldown to 20 seconds, increased range of whip projectile slightly
  • Enemy: Nematode - Increased base health value and max health value. Bug still exists where explosion will sometimes heal instead of damaging.
  • Passive: Rotneedle Clumps - Reduced number of Rotneedles released per bullet when triggered
  • Weapon: Copycat (Grenade Launcher Variant) - Decreased magazine size to 4 and increased reload time per shot
  • Weapon: Mini Launcher and Splitshot (Variant) - Fixed max ammo not being increased as described in 2.62
  • Stormcell: Tesla Strike - Reduced chance of secondary Tesla Ring spawning after strike, and added force push for items/gibs on explosion
  • Stormcell: Hailshard - Reduced damage of impact and shatter explosions
  • Trap: Expunge Barrier - Added yellow flashing telegraph for the Expunge Barrier before activation to give the player a chance to dodge and decreased damage to 100 to prevent 1-hit kills unless your Health stat is low, and disabled barrier damaging if Dodged through 
  • Trap: Broken Shipping Conveyor - Added broken telegraph to broken conveyors with shipping containers that can fall down and crush the player


  • Fixed Recycle on Reconstitute screen not working since 2.62d
  • Fixed Paramount DNA not dropping from Act 1 Bosses 100% of the time
  • Fixed recent new items missing from Act 1 Boss drop tables
  • Fixed Pickup items existing on the Mirage/Stomach drop table and added new Passive items to the drop list for those loot spawns
  • Fixed Mining Laser heat hurt trigger being a bit too large
  • Fixed Bone Gates collisions being too complicated, allowing the player to get stuck inside the bones in some cases
  • Fixed Level 3 Power Off intro VO repeating sometimes
  • Fixed a few blockades on Level 4 Intro levels blocking progression depending on the cap tiles spawned
  • Fixed Level 4 exit elevator not descending once the Beacon Locator is activated
  • Fixed Level 5 Laser Redirector final node being able to turn off after triggered, when the Elevator continues to be powered
  • Fixed waypoint from Ship Equipment caches disappearing from the map after being found
  • Fix attempted for Cliff Elevator sometimes killing the player when fallen off when it should only kill when crushed by the elevator
  • Fixed dodge mutations being able to cause fall damage with their leaps (Rotspore Heels shouldn't damage when landing on a platform anymore)
  • Fixed a few Enemy bestiary model previews being offset
  • Fixed Solus Ward enemy not being able to fall off of the level
  • Fixed waypoint on Level 5 Trap landmark not marking as revealed when it's powered
  • Fixed some secret notifiers saying Destroy Transmitters on Flux variants


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Jul 05, 2020


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