Beacon 2.7 - Tinker Tailor Soldier Clone

Beacon Patch 2.7 is here adding the final 14 Tinkered Weapons along with Item Notifiers, Recycling Balance, and many other fixes and balance tweaks! 

In the new patch Recycling Weapons now has a failure chance, starting at 0% and increasing by 10% for every successful recycle. Recycling to get ammo mods has been one of the most fun additions to the game in a while, but in patch 2.6 too many ammo mods started to stack in longer runs throwing off the balance of later levels and making high fire rate weapons more powerful than intended. The longer your run goes now the more likely it is that your weapon recycles will fail, capping at an 80% failure chance making late game recycles more of a gamble. 

Item Notifiers have been added to this patch as well, allowing you to mouse over all items to view their Name and Item Type. This was one of our most requested features recently, and should help players understand more easily what items spawn in caches and make it easier to decide which to pick up in the rare multi-loot caches without having to recognize the icons. 

The final 14 Weapon Variants have been added as well, finishing the complete roster of weapons for the first release of the game with 114 total weapons. All weapons in the game have a Tinkered Variant now, and the Codex entries have been updated with prefixes to display weapons next to their tinkered versions. 

Before going through the patch notes we want to update everyone on our new Patch schedule as well. Previously we were planning for patch 2.6 to be the final content patch with 3.0 following later this year, but following the burst of new players we have had recently from Itch.Io we want to add in a few more content patches to fill in the gap until the final release of the game. We don't plan for a ton of extra content to be added, but rather to split up some of the content that was being saved for 3.0 into smaller releases along with other fixes and balance tweaks based on incoming feedback. 

A big part of our new release schedule is also moving up the release of Level 6 to the next content update, Patch 2.8. We want to get some feedback and testing on the final level before the full release, and it's been long enough now that the game kills you at the end of level 5 instead of having a proper ending. Patch 2.8 will only include 1 final boss and 1 ending, with the rest being added in patch 3.0 a few months later. Here's a peek at Level 6 which should release in August giving you the chance to fight the Prism Mainframe after descending a series of randomized catwalks. 

Tinker Tailor Soldier Clone

Note: We’re aware the Map keybind is currently broken, but the map can still be accessed through the Tab screen. The keybind should be fixed and released in a minor patch within a few days.

New Weapon Variants

  • Pyro Cannon (Grillmaster) - Trail of fire left behind the projectile, reduced magazine size
  • Flametwhrower (Blazetorch) - Blowtorch style flame projectile with high damage, but greatly reduced range
  • Rotspore Maw (Three's a Crowd) - Fires a spread of Rotspore Needles with 3 Mega Needle per burst, reduced accuracy and removed charge shot
  • Helix Repeater (Double Helix) - Fires 2 shot bursts of Mega Helix ammo, with 1/4 the clip size and reduced fire rate
  • Helix Overcharger (Short Fuse) - Fires all shots in a 16 shot burst with Mega Helix ammo, with 1/4 the clip size
  • Hailshard Condenser (Deep Freeze) - Fires Black Ice projectile with 2x freeze duration, but longer reload time
  • Hailshard Generator (Permafrost) - Black Ice Clusters with 2x freeze duration, higher damage and more clusters
  • Rapid Rockets (Liberator) - 3 shot burst is removed, allowing the rockets to be fired automatically with increased attack speed
  • Laser Engine (Ace in the Hole) - Fires an extra wide powerful beam, but is only able to fire for a short burst before requiring a lengthy reload
  • Tesla Rifle (Super Spreader) - Increased damage multiplier for full charge, damage increases per bounce, and increased bounces
  • Energy Cannon (Bedlam) - Each bullet is split into 3 mini energy shots, firing 12 shots per burst instead of 4. Reduced accuracy but increased ammo.
  • Goo Pistol (Flubbernator) - Fires Acid Bombs and a Mega Cluster Acid Bomb on crit, reduced magazine size and slower attack speed
  • Gut Cannon (Blessed Mess)  - Fires Mega Acid Bomb that creates a huge pool of acid
  • Starborn Sniper (Splitkill) - Double the splinters released when fully charged, half ammo


  • Recycling - Added Failure Chance to Weapon Recycling - Weapons now have a chance to fail when recycled, starting at 0% and raising 10% every recycle. Luck also affects the Failure Chance, reducing it by .1% per point of Luck (-30% at Max Luck)
  • Enemy: Tesla Spider - Changed Tesla Coil attack to Tesla Mini SFG balls, since the Tesla Coils were too random and often missed. 
  • Enemies - Added low chance for Paramount DNA to drop from large Native and Uncharted enemies (Tritoraptor Patriarch, Chilopodrae, Icosatron, and Hexagoth)
  • Health Pickups - Increased size of pickup trigger to make it less likely for health to get stuck behind objects
  • Grenade: Fragment Mod - Reduced detonation time from 1.8 to 1.5
  • Weapon: Acid Cannon - Added cluster projectiles to Acid Bomb projectile
  • Weapon: Osteoblast (Bone Flinger Variant) - Fixed bullet colliding with targets multiple times, releasing many more Bonerangs than it was supposed to. Increased number of bonerangs released to compensate for the damage reduction from the fix
  • Weapon: Flamethrower - Increased flame projectile size to more closely match the particle, and updated Flamethrower effect
  • Weapon: Shotgun and Brass Beast (Variant) - Increased fire rate, decreased accuracy, increased time per shot reload.
  • Weapon: Starborn Weapons - Increased bullet collision size for all weapon types
  • Weapon: Magrail Weapons - Decreased detonation time for all magrail gib projectiles
  • Weapon: Laser Engine and Ace in the Hole (Variant) - Increased max ammo, decreased reload time
  • Passive: Holoshield Drone - Reduced orbit radius to make the drone closer to the player
  • Passive: Explosive Armor - Converted to a Pickup, moving it from the Ship Cache spawn to Ship Stockpiles (Large crates)


  • Added Notifiers to all items, displaying the Name and Item Type when moused over
  • Added prefixes to all weapons and weapon variants. Weapons should now all appear in the codex next to their variant.
  • Updated names of a few weapons and items
  • Added Player Lock to Flauros Teleport Pads to prevent moving while teleporting
  • Sped up Prism Cache close animation, making it more difficult to retrieve 2 items from the double loot spawn variant
  • Added new Flauros Jar Group prefab with a notifier, and replaced all jar clusters with it in Flauros zones
  • Added more Watchtower and Stockpile key spawns to Levels 1, 2, and 4
  • Updated Tesla Chain effect, giving a more clear indication of which targets the chain bounces to


  • Fixed Crosshair parse issue that would sometimes cause Options to break for players on game launch
  • Fixed Dodge Roll key being invalid with certain inputs, causing errors for some players
  • Fixed null references caused by Debuffs on death rarely (This should fix the invisible flame debuff bug causing the game to break on death if it's applied)
  • Fixed Keybinds not saving if a key was rebound to the Mouse
  • Fixed timeout for player loading being too short, causing the level to fail generation on low end computers sometimes
  • Fixed certain controller keybinds not using unique button icons since the new Input system was added
  • Fixed Swap sometimes showing the incorrect Swamp prompt, causing the wrong item to be recycled or swapped
  • Fixed Platform Helper not clearing the platform you are tied to after falling off (Should fix Level 5 Vertical Conveyor jumps)
  • Fixed aim sometimes registering behind solid objects, such as the background walls in Level 5
  • Fixed codex not saving on level transition
  • Fixed codex not showing passives on Continue
  • Fixed challenge run bonus not being added to your existing bonus if multiple challenges are completed consecutively
  • Fixed +1 and +3 Mutation Life DNA Mods increasing the Mutation Life past 10
  • Fixed Minimap appearing on the Main Menu after opening Options
  • Fixed Waypoints being removed from the Map screen on discover
  • Fixed Containment Chambers sticking out too far in all Containment Landmarks and Loot levels, sometimes allowing the player to jump onto the small section sticking out and get stuck
  • Reduced size of Cliff Elevator kill trigger underneath to attempt to fix falling off sometimes killing the player again
  • Fixed Nematode enemy healing when exploded
  • Fixed Solus Prime Death Variant still applying outdated Poison debuff on contact with the player
  • Fixed Unfertilized Colony ammo mod spawning the wrong hatchlings, causing them to attack the player instead of enemies
  • Fixed some Ammo Mod debuffs still applying to the player when reflected 
  • Fixed a few world debuffs not being applied to the player after disabling them on Ammo Mod debuffs
  • Fixed various explosions and flamethrower style weapons still having reflect enabled on their bullets
  • Fixed Flauros floating islands sometimes killing the player when a dodge is missed and you slide down the side of the island
  • Fixed multiple explosion sounds playing when Basalt Stacks are blown up in groups
  • Fix attempted for items sometimes falling through the floor on Ship debris bridges
  • Fixed aim position being too low on Firefly Mounds
  • Fixed error caused by Security Droid when the Pyro Champion mod was applied to it
  • Fixed Tritoraptor Patriarch enemy not having an Audio Player on its animator, causing errors during certain attacks
  • Fixed Droid Dropper (Magrail Pistol Variant) not being able to critical hit
  • Fixed Tesla Pulse balls particle sometimes staying behind after being removed
  • Miscellaneous Level Fixes
  • Minor Main Menu background optimizations


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Jul 23, 2020


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