Beacon 2.71

Beacon Patch 2.71 is released adding new Audio sliders, fixing the Map keybind, and improving fall damage not registering often! Unless any other major bugs appear, 2.71 will likely be the last patch before patch 2.8 containing Level 6.


  • Added new Audio sliders, located on the new Audio tab in options
  • Adjusted Player collisions to improve Fall Damage not triggering often from long drops. Sometimes it will still fail to trigger, but it is more reliable overall now.


  • Fixed Map Keybind not working since 2.7
  • Fixed some options not saving correctly
  • Fixed rotation of Heavy Weapons on the Tab Screen player preview
  • Fixed Tesla Spider Death Variant using the wrong attack
  • Fixed Chilopodrae enemy not charging correctly
  • Fixed Tesla SMG and Livewire Shock debuffs being able to reflect onto the player (The base lightning shot can still bounce back)
  • Fixed Solus Eggsack Champion Mod spawning friendly hatchlings instead of enemies
  • Fixed Hailshard Generator and Permafrost fully charged projectiles getting stuck in the ground too quickly after firing
  • Fixed Mushroom platforms being able to trigger the Drop Drone, causing you to get stuck sometimes if the mushroom has broken
  • Fixed Nightshroud Bouncer on Irradiated Sanctuary landmark not bouncing to the right location


Beacon 2.71 669 MB
Jul 30, 2020


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