Beacon 2.72

Beacon Patch 2.72 is uploaded making some tweaks and fixes to Challenges, as well as fixing issues with the Flauros Teleport Pads. 


  • Added items from Patch 2.2-2.7 into challenges
  • Added more Weapon Variants into Extreme challenges
  • Added Energy Soldier and Energy Specialist Weekly Challenges, giving the player a loadout of Ship Energy weapons
  • Updated balance of a few challenges and enabled Weapon Swapping for more weekly challenges
  • Fixed items missing from a few challenges causing them to break the Menu when chosen. This often happened with challenges that had Passive items that were converted to Pickups.
  • Fixed a few challenges not having the correct ID, causing them to never be chosen
  • Fixed Champion Swarm challenge not spawning bonus champions


  • Fixed Flauros Teleporters not allowing the player to re-use them if the teleport breaks (Now resets after 2 seconds)
  • Fixed attempted for Flauros Teleports sometimes mis-placing the player especially when FPS is low
  • Fixed Tesla and Pyro vests displaying wrong armor amount on descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect stats on a few mutations


Beacon 2.72 669 MB
Aug 03, 2020


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