Beacon 2.91

Beacon Patch 2.91 is released including improved End Game progression, a new Accuracy Bonus for the first 25% of your clip, and many other fixes! 

Patch 2.92 should release in a few weeks with more level updates and other new features and fixes. After that we’ll be fully focused on finishing version 3.0 of the game and releasing out of Early Access! We’ll give more news on that when our plans are closer to being finalized, along with a few peeks at what will be added in 3.0. 

Patch 2.91


  • Game End Progression - Completing the game now continues to the Reconstitution screen, allowing you to continue with your genome and DNA looted from the winning run
  • Base Accuracy - Many weapons will now have improved accuracy for the first 25% of shots in their clip after reloading. Accuracy gradually reduces with each shot to your normal accuracy stat. 
  • Arena Monitors - Updated visual of monitor slightly
  • Weather: Clear - Replaced extra rare Shipwreck Meteor with a more common Magrail Meteor strike, spawning 3-5 magrail meteors during the Stormcell
  • Weather: Act 1 - Added chance for Shipwreck Meteor to spawn rarely in all Act 1 weather types, giving a chance for free ship loot to drop on the player very rarely
  • Onyx Pulse Boosters - Improved floor markings with a line directly to the booster to make it easier to position, and added glow effect to make it more noticeable
  • Level 5 Final Laser Redirector - Updated to have a unique particle when the laser redirector is ready to be activated, and added Useable Item glow when it is ready to be powered


  • Combat Music - Reduced stress level required to trigger combat music slightly, so fewer enemies will trigger it and it will cut out less near the end of small fights


  • Act 1 Bosses - Updated Act 1 bosses to have Boss health bars above their heads and updated their armor settings
  • Boss: Flauros Aphelion - Fixed Flame projectiles not correctly leaving fire trails, fixed Flame Barrage attack not always triggering correctly when available, added armor to main health, and increased Bloat projectile speed.
  • Enemy: Flauros Evoker - Fixed Flame projectile not correctly leaving a fire trail after explosion
  • Enemy: Mirage - Mirage Illusions now explode 30 seconds after spawning, preventing more than 6-8 illusions spawning from a single Mirage.
  • Mutation: Pyro Boltfeet - Updated to use standard dash dodge type, with flame trail always dropped underneath the dodge without charging
  • Mutation: Defensive Coils - Reduced damage to trigger Tesla Zap, increased zap range, increased zap chance when damage is taken, and updated zap effects
  • Passive: Sporeling Hive - Changed to +80 Critical Hit and +40 Speed (Previously +100 Critical Hit)
  • Passive: Hailshard Drone - Changed to fire a medium Hailshard chunk instead of explode on contact
  • Enemy: Void Entity - Updated Armor Shell ability to have a better shell effect indicating when it is armored
  • Shield Pickup and Passive - Updated shield break and damage effects
  • Auxiliary: Laser Calldown - Increased laser damage, set laser to damage more often, and increased speed of laser
  • Auxiliary: Lumens Bola - Renamed from Snot Bola, updated Bola to more reliably stick and explode on enemies, buffed explosion damage and range, added explosion range notifier, and updated model
  • Pickup: Magrail Meteor - Increased initial spread of magrail balls, but reduced total number of balls
  • Grenade: Globules - Added more secondary mini globule projectiles to the cluster explosion, and increased the range the second wave spreads out
  • Weapon: Flak Revolver and Crowd Pleaser (Variant) - Increased amount of projectiles per burst, reduced accuracy
  • Weapon: Globule Lobber - Increased magazine size, increased speed of globule projectiles, reduced explosion range
  • Weapon: Leviathan (Sonic Cannon Variant) - Reduced burst time, reduced rate of fire, removed Critical Hits with it being Hotshot projectiles


  • Fixed many enemy Melee attacks not being applied as Physical damage
  • Fixed Level 5 Shipping Landmark secret shipping conveyor jump puzzles having the wrong timing on the shipping conveyors making it difficult to complete.
  • Fixed some items having the wrong Rarity or Manufacturer icon
  • Fixed Tesla SMG having incorrect muzzle particle
  • Fixed some UI icons being blurry when graphics settings are on low
  • Fixed Shipwreck Meteor having wrong materials on the crate gibs
  • Fixed some sticky explosive types still being able to be reflected
  • Attempted fix for Level 5 Core Barrier reflecting debuffs and attacks it shouldn't (Caused you to be damaged randomly when near the core and debuffs were applied)


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Jan 19, 2021


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