Beacon Release Patch

Hello everyone!

The day has finally arrived for Beacon to leave Early Access! Patch 3.0 is now released, including the new Scrap Currency system, Boss Mutations, Minibosses, new Act 2 Bosses, multiple new Endings, 30 new Items, 18 new Enemies, Achievements, and dozens of other tweaks and fixes. This patch is over twice the size of previous content patches and we hope everyone enjoys what we consider the fully realized version of the game! The full patch notes are below for anyone who wants to dig into the details.

We’ll still be watching over the release and will keep an eye out for any important fixes or tweaks suggested. We’re also still working on finalizing a couple of the new Endings to be added in the coming weeks, including the Solus and mysterious Onyx endings.

Thanks once again to everyone who played and provided feedback over our First Access and Early Access releases! Without your input the game would not be where it is today, and we’re grateful for everyone who contributed to Beacon’s journey throughout its development over the last few years.

Patch 3.0

Scrap Currency

  • Added Currency system - The player can now collect "Scrap" from crates, enemies, and recycling. Various mechanics in the game have been updated to require Scrap along with a few new mechanics listed below.
  • Scrap Counter - Scrap counter added to top left of the screen permanently and nearby the player temporarily after Scrap is collected or subtracted
  • Scrap Pile - Rewards 40-60 Scrap on pick up
  • Scrap Heap - Rewards 120-180 Scrap on pick up
  • Scrap Hoard - Rewards 360-480 Scrap on pick up
  • Master Scavenger's Shop - A new Shop has been added, offering randomized items and other mechanics that require Scrap. One shop will spawn in every Landmark giving a chance to spend your scrap in each level.
  • 3D Printer - Updated to require 800 Scrap per item printed instead of Health
  • Nanomed Console - Updated to require 50 Scrap to heal for 10 Health
  • Locked Crate - Updated the Grenade Trap Crate to a Locked Crate requiring 1000 Scrap to unlock and updated drop table to be more generous
  • Tinkering Station - New Shoraiteku equipment, Trade 1000 Scrap to upgrade one of your current weapons to the Variant version
  • Employee Slot Machine - New Shoraiteku equipment, 200 Scrap can be traded to randomly reward an item. Has a low chance to reward a Mega Jackpot of Scrap and has 3 max uses. 
  • DNA Synthesizer - New Prism equipment, Scrap can be traded to randomly reward a piece of DNA. Has a low chance to reward a Paramount DNA and has 3 max uses. 
  • Employee Barrier - New Prism lock, 400 or more Scrap can be traded to unlock the barrier allowing the player to proceed past it
  • Recycling Weapon Fail - Added a Scrap Explosion to a weapon when recycling it fails
  • Machine Destruction - Many Scrap Machines are able to be blown up, rewarding the player with a Scrap explosion but preventing the machine from being used further.

Boss Mutations

  • 16 Boss Mutations are added to the game - Boss Mutations are special head mutations that can mutate from Paramount DNA. They give the player a new ability in game that is charged after 5 DNA are collected. Boss Mutation abilities either give the player an extended buff, activate an ability, or transform the player. The duration of Buff and Transform Boss Mutations is extended by 3 seconds for each kill the player gets.
  • MK-X Sonic Hologram (Base Unlock) - Transform - The player is transformed into a massive Sonic Drone, spinning around releasing a constant barrage of Sonic shots as well as releasing a Sonic Blast every 3 seconds
  • MK-X Pyro Engine - Buff - The Ultra Pyro Energy buff activates giving the player a permanent fire trail, 100% Pyro ammunition, 100% Incendiary ammunition, and maximum speed
  • MK-X Tesla Dome - Buff - The Ultra Tesla Energy buff activates giving the player Infinite Stamina, 100% Tesla ammunition, and Tesla Strikes that spawn every 3 seconds
  • MK-X Excavation Reactor - Ability - The player summons 3 orbiting Satellite Strike Lasers and emits damaging heat around them
  • Matriarch's Crown (Base Unlock) - Buff - The player gains the Feral Rage buff granting 20% lifesteal on 100% of shots, 100% Critical Hit, and 2x Melee Damage
  • Rattleslug Morph - Ability - The player releases a massive Neurotoxin wave, reducing nearby enemies health to 10%
  • Karnak's Maw - Buff - Grants the player Ultracrab Buff giving 100% Resistance, Max Stamina, +3 Health Regen per second, and causes enemies to explode into Crab Meat on death
  • Chilopodrae Morph - Transform - The player transforms into a Chilopod flesh ball, quickly rolling around dealing high damage when smashing off of enemies
  • Globule Megacyst (Base Unlock) - Transform - The player transforms into a massive ball of Globules, releasing clusters of Globules every 3 seconds and every time the Megacyst is hit
  • Quillbladder Cluster - Transform - The player transforms into a massive ball of Quillbladders, slowly rolling around releasing waves of quills every 3 seconds and every time an enemy is bounced off of
  • Hivemind Brain - Buff - The player gains the Acidic Hunger buff giving them healing from Acid damage, releasing Acidic Pustules every 3 seconds, and releasing Acidic Pustules when damaged by enemies
  • Apex Ultrashell - Buff - The player gains the Ultrashell buff giving them 100 Armor of all types, immunity to stuns and knockbacks, and 100% of shots reflected on hit
  • Telemite Nerve Cluster (Base Unlock) - Ability - The player teleports to a random position on the map
  • Aphelion's Facade - Buff - The player gains Ultra Flauros Energy causing the player to heal from Fire, release mega flame waves every 3 seconds, and release a group of Friendly Flauros when damaged
  • Icosatron Port Cluster - Transform - The player transforms into an Icosatron on activation, allowing them to roll around and bounce off of enemies
  • Hexagoth Column - Transform - The player transforms into a fully grown Hexagoth, quickly spinning around and bouncing off of enemies dealing heavy damage


  • New Act 2 Solus Apex Boss - The ultimate form of the insectoid Solus, the Apex uses all ability types of the faction with speed and deadly precision. 
  • New Act 2 Native Ultratumor Boss - Merged from all variants of the Native faction's tumors, the Ultratumor rolls around the arena repeatedly spitting out smaller tumors as it deteriorates. 
  • New Act 2 Onyx Guardian Boss - A mysterious protector of the main Onyx platform, the Guardian uses never before seen Onyx abilities and will give players the ultimate challenge to unlock the Onyx ending. 
  • New Act 2 Misprinted Freja Boss - Accidentally printed from the experiment of a past clone that went insane, Freja is forced to fight herself to gain access to the final Beacon and escape Kovus-18. Each time you fight Freja her attacks are randomized from over 60 weapons and items. 
  • New Act 1 Globule Hivemind - The final version of the Hivemind boss fight, the Brain has been crusted in Globules that are released in clustering waves and randomly when the Brain is damaged. 
  • Act 2 Mainframe Boss - Increased Health of all Mainframe tiers, buffed many attacks from Mainframe core sections and optimized Mainframe Attacks to greatly reduce use of unnecessary bullets
  • Act 2 Ultra Icosatron Boss - Increased Health of Ultra and Mega Icosatrons, increased attack fire rate and energy trail damage, and added Prism Mega Pod spawns
  • Act 2 Ultra Tumor Boss - Decreased max health, decreased reflect chance, and decreased chance to spawn additional tumors when damaged


  • Minibosses are new hybrid enemies that take a standard enemy and merge it with the abilities of another faction. When killed each miniboss drops a Passive Item and a Scrap Explosion.
  • 32 Minibosses have been added, mixing together nearly every enemy type and ability type. Miniboss names, factions, and combinations are listed below.
  • Aphelion's Vessel - Prism/Uncharted - MKX Droid + Flauros
  • Toxic Trispider - Prism/Solus - Mining Spider +Acid Infestation
  • MK3 Prickly Ultrazipper - Prism/Solus - Tesla MK3 + Quills
  • MK3 Super Polluter - Prism/Native - PyroMK3 + Pollution
  • Megapyro Slimespreader - Prism/Solus - Pyro Spider + Slime
  • MK2 Megajet Rocketeer - Prism/Ship - Containment Droid + Rockets
  • Overcharged Icosatripod - Prism/Uncharted - Tesla Spider + Icosatron
  • Ultraferal Laserbot - Prism/Native - Mining Droid MK3 + Tritoraptor
  • Intestinal Icosphere - Uncharted/Native - Icosatron + Rotspore
  • Autotentacle Excavator - Uncharted/Prism - Hexagoth + Mining
  • Enflamed Megapustule - Uncharted/Prism - Nematode + Pyro
  • Forsaken Bonelord - Uncharted/Native - Flauros Evoker + Tritoraptor
  • Master Scavenger - Uncharted/Ship - Scavenger + Ship Aux
  • Tungsten Telesploder - Uncharted/Ship - Telemite + Magrail
  • Replicating Infestation - Uncharted/Solus - Mirage+ Eggs
  • Helixflare Annihilator - Uncharted/Ship - Jellyhelix + Flares
  • Permafrost Apparition - Uncharted/Uncharted - Effigy + Hailshard
  • Radioactive Void - Uncharted/Ship - Void Entity + Radiation 
  • Megasonic Crawler - Solus/Prism - Warden + Sonic
  • Floating Ultrabouncer - Solus/Native - Ultraprime + Nightshroud
  • Cystcrusted Crusher - Solus/Uncharted - Alpha + Nematode
  • Gigantic Meatwad - Solus/Solus - Solus Ultratumor
  • Overbloated Chaingunner - Solus/Ship - Prime + Chainguns
  • Hardshelled Demolitionist - Solus/Ship - Ward + Remote Bolts
  • Energized Scuttlebug - Solus/Ship - Soldier + Energy Rifle
  • Crystalized Cruncher - Native/Uncharted - Chilopodrae + Effigy
  • Illuminated Flashraptor - Native/Solus - Tritoraptor Dad + Globule
  • Massive Replislug - Native/Uncharted - Rattleslug + Mirage
  • Electricrified Megascuttler - Native/Prism - King Crab + Tesla Mods
  • Irradiated Rain - Native/Ship - Flydrop + Myce
  • Ultracrust Blaster - Native/Ship - Chilopod + Shotgun 
  • Dexterous Telesaur - Native/Uncharted - Tritoraptor + Telemite 


  • Solus Acid Megatumor and Acid Tumor 
  • Solus Quill Megatumor and Quill Tumor
  • Solus Lumens Megatumor and Lumens Tumor 
  • Native Rotspore Megatumor and Rotspore Tumor 
  • Native Nightshroud Megatumor and Nightshroud Tumor 
  • Native Chilopod Megatumor and Chilopod Tumor 
  • Prism MK1 Excavation Droid
  • Prism MK2 Excavation Droid
  • Prism MK3 Excavation Droid
  • Uncharted Jellyhelix 
  • Ship Scrap Ball 
  • MK-Z Droid - REDACTED


  • Passive: Prism Ultraserum - Increases All Stats by +20 or +5%
  • Passive: Prism Tesla Serum - Increases Stamina Regeneration Speed by 100%, and reduces Melee and Dodge Stamina Cost by 10%
  • Passive: Ship Salvage Kit - Increases Scrap collected by 10%
  • Passive: Ship Scrap Mountain - Grants +5000 Scrap
  • Passive: Ship Supersoldier Serum - Increases Reload Speed by 10%, reduces Auxiliary Cooldown by 1 second, and reduces Stamina Recharge Delay by 1 second
  • Passive: Ship Grenade Belt - Increases Grenade Slots by 4
  • Passive: Ship Targeting Sensor - Increases Critical Hit Damage by 20%
  • Passive: Uncharted Ultra Void Orb - Increases all stats by 40 or 10%
  • Passive: Uncharted Helix Drone - Befriends a Helix Drone that fires Mega Helix projectiles
  • Passive: Uncharted Orbiting Icosaport - Befriends an Icosaport Drone that fires Mega Icosatron Energy projectiles
  • Passive: Uncharted Black Market ID - Reduces cost of Store items by 20%
  • Passive: Native Durable Scales - Increases Physical Armor by 40
  • Passive: Solus Floating Quillbladder - Befriends Quillbladder Drone that fires a spray of Quill projectiles
  • Passive: Solus Floating Acidbladder - Befirends an Acidbladder Drone that fires an exploding Mega Acid projectile
  • Passive: Solus Sporeling Pods - Increases Critical Hit by 10%
  • Pickup: Prism Auto-Reloader - Increases Reload Speed by 50%
  • Pickup: Ship Focus Patch - Increases Accuracy by 100
  • Pickup: Solus Globule Blob - Releases a cluster of exploding Lumens Globules
  • Auxiliary: Magrail Strike - Deploys a series of Mini Magrail Meteors
  • Auxiliary: Hailshard Cataclysm - Deploys a series of Hailshards
  • Passive: Swampspore Nectar - Reduces Dodge and Melee Stamina Cost by 25%
  • Passive: Polluted Swampspore Nectar - Reduces Dodge and Melee Stamina Cost by 50%, and reduces Health by 50
  • Passive: Ultracrystal Shell - Grants a shield that blocks 3 instances of damage, shattering into freezing Effigy Crystals when broken. Regenerates after 60 seconds
  • Passive: Onyx Shard - Befriends an Onyx Drone that fires exploding Onyx Orbs
  • Passive: Onyx Sliver - Befriends an Onyx Staff Drone that damages enemies when they contact the staff chunk
  • Passive: Lost Crab - Befriends a Lost Crab drone that bursts into Crab Meat when damaged
  • Weapon: Rad Compressor - Fires penetrating Radiation Orbs, Semi-Automatic
  • Weapon: Double Dose (Rad Compressor Variant) - Fires two penetrating Radiation Orbs, Semi-Automatic
  • Weapon: Rad Reactor - Rapidly Fires penetrating Radiation Orbs, Automatic
  • Weapon: Split Atom (Rad Reactor Variant) - Fires explosive Mega Radiation Orbs
  • Weapon: Rad Megacore - Fires explosive Ultra Radiation Orb
  • Weapon: Atomic Fracture (Rad Megacore Variant) - Fires explosive cluster Ultra Radiation Orb, releasing a series of Mega Radiation Orbs from the explosion


  • Patch Model Kit Box Mementos Added - Added 18 Model Kit mementos themed after each Early Access patch, hidden in secret upper areas of many levels for experienced players to collect.
  • Uplink Logs Added - Logs added to hint at the purpose of Uplink waypoints
  • Secret Mementos - Added a handful of secret easter egg mementos that will rarely spawn in hidden spots


  • Shop Timer Secret Added - Reach the shop within 2 minutes of starting the current level to face off against the Master Scavenger. Once beaten, every consecutive level will spawn a timed Scavenger Cache in place of the shopkeeper
  • Level 2 Swampspore Nectar Timer Secret Added - Reach the Swampspore Island in less than 5 minutes to get the Swampspore Nectar passive item or a random Solus Cache
  • Level 3 Bonus Arena Timer Secret Added - Beat the Act 1 boss in less than 15 minutes to gain access to a bonus Miniboss arena above the boss platform, forcing you to face off against 3 minibosses for 3 bonus passive items
  • Level 4 Polluted Swampspore Nectar Timer Secret Added - Reach the Polluted Swampspore Island in less than 20 minutes to get the Polluted Swampspore Nectar passive item or a random Solus Cache
  • Level 5 Weapon Lockers Timer Secret Added - Reach the Weapon Lockers within 30 minutes to unlock 3 random Prism weapons
  • Scavenger Cache Added - Reach the cache within 2 minutes of level start to unlock the crate and gain a bonus Passive item
  • Radioactive Cache Added - Reach the cache within 2 minutes of level start to gain a Radiation themed item before the crate explodes
  • Effigy Remnants Added - Reach the remnants within 2 minutes of level start to gain the Ultracrystal Shell Passive item before the remnants shatter
  • Onyx Orb Added - Reach the orb within 2 minutes of level start to unlock the crate and gain the Onyx Shard Passive Drone
  • Patch Model Kit Box Mementos Added - Collect all 18 Patch Model Kit boxes to unlock the full set of Radiation weapons, spawned from Ship Stockpiles once unlocked
  • Onyx Uplink Island Added - Solve the Onyx Uplink puzzle to force the Onyx Guardian boss to spawn when Level 6 is reached
  • Power Core Uplink Island Added - Solve the Power Core Uplink puzzle to force the Misprinted Freja boss to spawn when Level 6 is reached
  • Security Uplink Fortress Added - Destroy the transmitters on the Security Uplink Fortress to reduce Prism defenses in the Level 5 Core
  • Weapon Shipping Drone Added - Rarely Shipping drones will not fly off, allowing you to send one of your current weapons back to the Start to use in your next life.


  • New Ending: The Prodigal Daughter (Bonus standard ending)
  • New Ending: A Home Like Any Other (Native)
  • New Ending: Nuke It From Orbit (Uncharted)
  • New Ending: No Witnesses (Prism)
  • New Ending: Corporate Loyalty (Ship)
  • Coming Soon: The Coronation (Solus)
  • Coming Soon: Savior (Onyx)


  • Statistics Update - Resistance, Critical Hit, and Luck have been updated to Percentage stats instead of 0-300 range. Percentages are displayed on the Reconstitute and Tab screens now for both stats to more easily understand their direct effect on the player
  • Statistics: Resistance - Resistance now provides full immunity to debuffs when at 100%
  • Reconstitute: Faction Bonuses - Faction bonus UI updated on the Reconstitute Screen, more clearly notifying the player of their faction pairs and displaying a tooltip suggesting to pair DNA if no pairs exist
  • Reconstitute: Mutation Found - Added a new screen effect when mutations are found
  • HUD: Pickups - Added new color and cooldown layouts for when pickups are on cooldown or have a timer active
  • HUD: Reload - Spinning reload crosshair now has a backplate circle
  • 3D Printer and DNA Printer - Added custom notifiers for all printable items displaying the name of the item before being printed
  • Tab Screen: Model Previews - Updated Model Previews on the Tab Screen with a new CRT effect and correct transparency
  • Endings - Pressing Space during an ending will now skip the Text to the end, then skip to the next slide on the second press
  • Tips - Added new tips to the loading screen and updated many older tips


  • Tutorial - Updated Tutorial level to use the new Start zone, include a Passive Item spawn, and include a Scrap Barrier to introduce the Scrap Currency mechanics
  • Miniboss Loot Arenas - Added new Miniboss Arena, able to spawn in any level as the Cache spawn in place of a standard loot zone
  • Employee Barrier randomizers added to many Level 1 and 2 Landmarks, allowing the player to enter from both sides but requiring 400 scrap to proceed through to the cap tiles rarely
  • Employee Fortress Caps Added - Pay scrap to proceed through each tier of the under construction Employee Fortress caps to get bonus crates, a stockpile, and an Equipment spawn
  • Barricade Bonus Middle Tiles Added - Barricaded bonus loot middle tiles require a mutation or booster to enter, giving the player a piece of bonus loot if they have the ability or item to boost in
  • Level 4, 5, and 6 - Adjusted loot spawns to make it more common for stockpiles and bonus loot to spawn within the levels
  • Level 6 - Removed Flux Node activator for the loot zone light bridge, the bridge is activated by default now
  • Level 6 - Added bonus crates near the boost pads leading to the final boss
  • Level 6 - Updated enemy spawns to have more varied enemy types and be more optimized
  • Dozens of miscellaneous level and scripting fixes


  • Menu Codex Endings Tab - Added Endings tab to the Main Menu Codex, allowing you to view past endings if they have already been unlocked
  • Keybinds - Escape can no longer be set as an input

Controller/Key Bindings

  • Controller Bind Display - Added Controller Bind hints to many screens, displaying keybinds for UI actions
  • Changed default Controller Recycle keybind to Left Button (X on Xbox controller)
  • Added Boss Mutation activate keybind to Z on Keyboard and Down D-Pad on Controller
  • Added Arrow Key and D-Pad navigation to Codex


  • Difficulty - Reduced enemy spawns on all difficulties slightly
  • Trap: Detached Engine - Reduced size of player push to make it more forgiving when trying to walk past the engine blast
  • Trap: Onyx Emanator - Now releases a Void Entity enemy on death
  • Booster: Onyx Pulser - Added trigger to allow the player to manually activate the Pulser when near
  • Weather: Eclipse - Updated Eclipse weather effects, improved lighting to make the base Eclipse weather more bright, and changed Stormcell Event to increase the darkness instead of the previous HUD removing Lunar Flare
  • Champion: Globules - Decreased chance for globule to be released when damaged and reduced amount of globules released on death
  • Enemies: Movement - Adjusted enemy movement and rotation to feel more natural
  • Enemies: Clusters - Reduced amount of cluster projectiles released by various enemies and champion mods
  • Enemies: Health - Adjusted Health of many enemies, most often increasing it
  • Enemies: MK1 Droids - Increased move speed of all MK1 Droids
  • Enemy: Scavenger - Now explodes in a Scrap explosion on death along with the usual passive/aux bonus item
  • Enemy: Void Entity - Increased health and added new Mini Voids that spawn out of the main entity when damaged
  • Mutations - Converted Crit, Resistance, and Luck mutation stat bonuses to be based on percentages
  • Mutation: Gas Bladder - Updated globule release on dodge to aim towards the ground and fixed globules sometimes sticking to the player
  • Mutation: Nematode Cluster - Reduced chance to spawn a cluster of Nematode Cyst grenades on crit
  • Mutation: Reactive Flesh - Adjusted values for Shrink and Grow. Grow now gives +100% Resistance and -100 Speed, and Shrink gives +300 Speed and -33% Resist
  • Mutation: Purulent Feet - Replaced with a Dash type dodge, increased the duration of acid left on the ground
  • Auxiliary - Deployable Turret - Now spawns 3 turrets in a triangle formation, turret health increased, turret bullets per burst reduced
  • Auxiliary: Rebound Beam - Adjusted Speed curve of Laser Boomerang and added a 50% chance for it to explode mid flight
  • Auxiliary: Bonespike - Now summons 5 bonespikes in a radius of the initial one
  • Auxiliary: Quill Caltrops - Now summons 5 caltrops in a radius, increased quill caltrops trigger and damage ranges, increased damage of quill stab
  • Auxiliary: Menhir - Now summons 3 Menhir in a radius
  • Auxiliary: Golden Menhir - Now summons 3 Menhir in a radius and now have a chance to release scrap when broken
  • Auxiliary: Radiation Core - Removed player self-damage when activated
  • Auxiliary: Concussive Missile - Increased damage, improved explosion particles
  • Passive: Holoshield Drone - Updated to an Auxiliary item that deploys 3 Holoshield Projectors on use towards the player's aim.
  • Passive: Energy Casings - Added small Energy damage to the shot in addition to the penetrating effect, allowing Energized shots to break through Basalt stacks and deal increased damage to enemies
  • Passive: Explosive Ammo - Increased radius of explosion, decreased damage
  • Passive: Quillslivers - Decreased amount of quills released when Quillsliver ammo bursts
  • Passive: Nematode Ammo - Increased damage and radius of explosion
  • Passive: Boneslivers - Decreased damage of bonus damage on hit
  • Passive: Hatchling Guardians - Increased damage of hatchling explosions
  • Pickup: Nanomed Trauma Patch - Changed to 1 charge healing for 150 Health on use
  • Pickup: Reactive Shield - Increased charges to 10
  • Pickup: Invertor - Increased to 5 charges
  • Pickup: Hatchling Halo - Changed to Legendary, reduced charges, reduced amount of hatchlings summoned each halo, increased hatchling explosion range and damage
  • Pickup: Magrail Meteors - Increased amount of clusters on each explosion, but reduced to 3 cluster tiers
  • Weapons: Reload Speed - Adjusted the reload speeds of nearly all weapons with a flat time based on the weapon type. 1 handed weapons are 1.8 Seconds, 2 handed weapons are 2.8 seconds, and heavy weapons are 3.8 seconds.
  • Weapons: Per Shot Reload - Per shot reload weapons are now 1.8 seconds per 2 shot reload
  • Weapons: Regenerating Reload - Regenerating reload delays have been reduced to .8 seconds for normal weapons and 1.8 seconds for heavy weapons
  • Weapons: Quill Weapon Set - Changed from regenerative ammo to normal reload, Quill projectiles now penetrate enemies with slightly reduced damage, reduced max ammo, reduced fire rate, and reduced accuracy
  • Weapon: Rotspore Repeater and Seeker (Variant) - Reduced max ammo count and reduced fire rate
  • Weapon: Refactored Refractor (Laser Refractor Variant) - Reduced max ammo to same as the main weapon
  • Weapon: Double Helix (Helix Repeater Variant) - Increased max ammo from 8 to 16
  • Weapon: Tesla Pulse Rifle - Removed burst fire, increased fire rate for single fire bullets
  • Weapon: Energy Revolver and Sparky (Variant) - Increased accuracy and increased damage of both bullet types
  • Weapon: Mini Launcher and Splitshot (Variant) - Increased damage of rockets and increased homing strength
  • Weapon: Rotspore Maw and Three's a Crowd (Variant) - Giant rotneedle bullets now explode on impact instead of sticking, increased homing strength
  • Weapon: Starborn Sniper and Splitkill (Variant) - Reduced max charge clusters on both weapons


  • Added new Act 2 Boss Fight music
  • Added new sounds to various travel and trap objects
  • Optimized audio memory and CPU usage
  • Optimized amount of audio players active in all levels, which sometimes caused sounds not to play when too many were active


  • Optimized various models constructed out of many pieces by merging them
  • Fixed some levels having overly large navmeshes
  • Optimized many objects in levels 5 and 6, including unnecessary lights and large repeated walls
  • Fixed the Player Ammo Wheel not appearing
  • Fixed Pocket Worlds sometimes overlapping with the main level, sometimes causing the level exit to be unreachable
  • Continue - Fixed Grenade Slots not saving when the game was quit and continued
  • Continue - Fixed Weapon Recycle Chance not saving when the game was quit and continued
  • Fixed multiple scaling issues with UI elements when the HUD Scale option was changed
  • Fixed Bone Gates not unlocking if skipped over with a floating ability, causing the player to become stuck
  • Fixed Aim Position on many destroyable objects to prevent bullets aiming to the wrong height
  • Fixed Holoshield Drone often locking the players aim once spawned, forcing their bullets towards it instead of their actual aim position
  • Fixed Tesla Shield Auxiliary item blocking the players own bullets with certain weapons
  • Fixed Reflect armor script not working on a few enemies
  • Fixed player animation blend being incorrect when activating Aux items
  • Fixed Crystalized debuff not shattering enemies when they reach the 10% health threshold
  • Fixed Weather Alerts being displayed permanently if active during level transition
  • Fixed Instant Kill attacks on enemies showing damage numbers
  • Fixed some teleports not stopping the player's dodge
  • Fixed Dodge not stopping when the player is launched (Boosts, Sonic Grenades, etc...)
  • Fixed Slomo buff being permanently applied if the pickup was dropped while the buff was active
  • Fixed Health and Stamina appearing over 300 on the Reconstitute screen instead of being capped
  • Fixed the Manufacturer on weapons on the End Run screen always displaying Kaiser-Schmid
  • Fixed camera stutter on Clone Bay Intro when activating the player
  • Fixed incorrect keybind being displayed to continue on Ending Screen while using controller


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