Beacon Patch 1.0.1A

Beacon V1.0.1A is out! We've got a handful of fixes, some balance tweaks, and a few suggestions implemented from our Discord community! Check the patch notes below. 


- Fixed Options breaking on resolution change
- Fixed Options breaking on movement bind change
- Fixed not being able to rebind movement keys
- Fixed collision issues in levels
- Fixed Melee not showing up correctly in Tutorial
- Fixed a few rare mutation/reconstitution issues
- Fixed item description and model preview errors
- Fixed keys not being useable if looted on a previous level
- Fixed Mine sound not playing
- Fixed Sonic Shotgun
- Improved visibility of enemies near cliffs in Heavy Fog weather
- Player map position now updates correctly from the start of level
- Reduced Anti-Aliasing quality to increase performance
- Optimized soundscape audio


- Player Max Speed increased to 200. Items that add speed will now continue increasing the player speed past 100.
- Player Base Armor increased by 10 for all damage types
- Increased rotspore mound push trigger size
- Added One Handed Weapons and Grenade Mods to Small Crate drop tables as rare drops
- Changed Grenade Mods to a bonus spawn on Large Crates rather than the main loot spawn
- Added Grenade Mod icon to HUD (Switches to match currently equipped mod)
- Buffed Stat Buff pickups (Adrenaline Injector, Steroid Injector, Tritoraptor Egg, etc...)
- Buffed Passive Stat Items (Kevlar Vest, Kevlar Boots, Wrist Monitor, Speed Boots)
- Added active particle effects to Injector items
- Updated Main Menu lighting
- Tweaked Controller Auto Aim settings
- Added new Tutorial platform raise sound
- Updated combat music fades
- Added new Landmark Combat music variant
- Increased Crab and Solus Hatchling hitbox size


Beacon Itch V1.0.1A 366 MB
May 02, 2018


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