Beacon Patch 1.0.2A

V1.0.2A of Beacon is out! Outside of a handful of fixes the biggest additions are a new Reload reticule timer and and a quick couple of optimizations. Thanks to everyone who has been testing and giving feedback! 


-Fixed blurry UI icons on lower graphics settings
-Fixed performance issue with Map
-Fixed performance issues on HUD
-Fixed Solus Ward getting stuck in burrowed position
-Updated Incorrect Item Descriptions
-Fixed map sometimes carrying over reveal from a previous level
-Reduced Ship Weapon Bullet Lifetime (Disappears once off screen quicker)
-Fixed Mine being targeted
-Shotgun trail effect fix


-Added Reload circle timer to crosshair reticule
-Added hint to transmitter secret unlock
-Geyser Plugs are now able to be popped off with explosives as well as melee-
-Increased Riot Shotgun and Variant reload times to prevent infinite firing
-Reduced Basalt Stack gibs amount
-Nerfed Overclock Connector mutation


Beacon Itch V1.0.2A 365 MB
May 04, 2018


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