Beacon Patch 1.0.3A

Beacon 1.0.3A is here! Thanks to everyone for providing feedback and playing the game longer than a day. Along with a large set of balance changes to weapons and mutations, weapons and items now show a Manufacturer icon in the UI and Mouse Buttons are bindable. Everything included in the patch is listed below for those who want to read every change! 

Gameplay and Tweaks
-Added prompt to options input binding (Prevents being unable to assign keys for some players)
-Mouse side buttons are now bindable (UI may appear incorrectly for now)
-Acid Debuff now applies 1.5x incoming damage to afflicted targets
-Added Manufacturer Icons for Item Pickup and Index UI
-Drop tables now have a max items dropped, preventing too many items from spawning and making them difficult to pick up (Still will happen sometimes)
-Improved positioning of some transmitter secrets that were too hard to destroy
-Added camera zooms to more areas to increase visibility of combat and puzzle mechanics
-Tweaked Droid Drop Pod target visual
-Reduced Hailshard Weather event initial explosion damage and range
-Mutation Balance Tweaks
-Updated Tritoraptor Heels and Rotspore Heels with new jump script and added new jump sounds
-Added more Stat Buffs/Debuffs to various mutations
-Weapon Balance Tweaks (RIP Chaingun and Sonic Gatling)
-Adjusted Solus Impeder weapon scripts to be balanced around new Acid debuff changes
-Prism Security Droid and Containment Droid enemies health buffed slightly
-Added new Flauros Evoker enemy sounds
-Added new sounds to Hailshard Generator and Hailshard Condensor Weapons
-Added new sounds to Starborn Shotgun and Starborn Pistol Weapons

-Removed HUD toggle keybind (Accidentally pressed a lot)
-Test fix for options mis-scaling on resolution change
-Fixed Memento Freja Quotes not appearing
-Fixed flamethrower and acid sprayers from not working sometimes
-Fixed map fog of war error
-Fixed lift taking control of player movement occasionally
-Fixed a few missing item descriptions and model previews
-Fixed a few incorrect mutation descriptions and scripts
-Fixed Pyro Footcups Mutation flame trail not igniting anything
-Minor level updates and fixes
-Fixed Geyser plug not being poppable (Just pops from everything now)
-Fixed a few missing sounds on weapons/items


Beacon Itch V1.0.3A 367 MB
May 11, 2018


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