Beacon Patch 1.0.4A

Patch 1.0.4A is out! DNA persistence has been added (saves when Clone Bay opens in Level 1), the Beacon exe file has been certified, and a few other minor fixes/tweaks were made. 

Gameplay and Tweaks
-Added DNA/Mutation persistence/saving. Currently triggers when clone bay opens.
-Continue button added to Main Menu with date of last save displayed. (No more skipping tutorial screen every play)
-Added Warning popup when resetting Genome
-Genome now flashes yellow when DNA is selected on the Reconstitute UI (Will also flash or get set to other colors sometimes by accident)
-Beacon Locator now set to trigger when neared instead of being activated.
-Updated all exit waypoints to be green (For loot caverns and secret caverns)
-Added faction descriptor to Equipment waypoints (Prism Equipment, Solus Equipment, etc...)
-Updated Waypoint Discovered FoW reveal distances (reveals less of map when a waypoint is found)
-Weapon charge bar now flashes when full
-Added more Starborn Weapon sounds
-Added Pyro Droid MK2 sounds
-Updated Watchtower loot spawns (Will be replaced with new map item later)
-Minor weapon, item, and mutation balance tweaks
-Added glowing trees to cavern zones
-Buffed Solus Firefly and Prime ability damage

-Certified EXE file to fix launch issues for certain players
-Upgraded Unity to 5.6.6
-Reverted elevator player lock-in and set to disable when jumped off
-Level fixes
-Fixed memento and item model preview errors



Beacon Itch V1.0.4A 371 MB
May 16, 2018


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