Beacon Patch 1.1A Feral Fury

Our first content expansion is released, Feral Fury! The indigenous fauna of the planet Kovus-18 fights back against its unwelcome interlopers. 

Feral Fury Content
-Rattleslug Native enemy added: If latched onto player, explodes and applies a deadly neurotoxin
-Native Rotspore champion mod added: Enemy bursts into a rotspore cloud on death
-Act 1 Native loot cavern pocket world added with 5 loot dungeon variants
-Level 1 Chilopod landmark tile added
-Level 2 Tritoraptor landmark tile added
-Level 2 Chilopod landmark tile added
-Act 1 Native loot cavern cap tiles added
-Act 1 Tritoraptor nest middle and trap tiles added
-Added ambient Tritoraptors eating meat
-Added 4 new Native mementos
-Added Bone Chest: Drops Native bone items
-Added Bone Gate secret mechanic: Unlock the Bone Gate to get to the Bone Chest
-Added Bonespike trap mechanic: Don’t jump on or stand under them
-Added Giant Geyser travel mechanic: Ride the giant geyser up large elevation changes
-Added Enormous Egg trap mechanic: Hatches Tritoraptors if disturbed
-Updated Rotspore and Bone mutation visuals
-3 new Native mutations, detailed below
-Rotspore Mask Mutation added: Stamina replenishes while in rotspores
-Bone Forearm Mutation added: High damage stabbing bone forearm
-Bone Armor Mutation added: 20% chance to reflect shot on hit, -50 Stamina
-10 new Items, detailed below
-Regenerative Caps Auxiliary added: Replenishes stamina to full on use, 30 second cooldown
-Bonespike Auxiliary added: Summons a high damage Bonespike to the targeted location with a slight delay, 60 second cooldown
-Rotvine Whip Auxiliary added: Throws a rotvine whip that drains health from the latched unit, 30 second cooldown, 15 second cooldown if whip missed
-Rotten Eggs Grenade added: Targets hit with the egg are targeted by nearby enemies, regardless of faction
-Developed Yolk Passive added: Adds 30 Speed, 30 Resistance, and 60 Stamina
-Matriarch’s Egg Pickup added: Adds 60 Speed, 60 Resistance, and 120 Stamina for 5 Minutes
-Rotbladder Pickup added: Boosts upwards on use
-Bonerang Pickup added: Throws Bonerang 
-Bone Bouncer Weapon added: Fires Bonerangs, single shot reload, shots explode after bouncing
-Bone Flinger Weapon added: Fires giant Bonerang, shot explode after bouncing, reloads instantly if Bonerang returns

Gameplay and Tweaks
-Level 1 Water Landmark update: Re-structured upper area, updated terrain forms, new center jump/exit fort, and more randomizations
-Level 1 Mining Landmark update: Re-structured lower area, updated terrain forms, re-balanced secret spawns
-Level 1 Tritoraptor Landmark updated: Updated terrain forms, expanded upper combat area and moved giant skull, added enormous egg spawns, added Native loot spawn
-Added DNA Save icon to HUD on save (After clone bay open)
-Level 1 and 2 Tritoraptor intro tiles updated: Re-structured terrain, added bone bridges, added enormous egg spawns
-Added Grenade to default Index entry
-New Bubble shader
-Rotspore debuff updated: Now drains stamina while affected
-Updated Rotspore particle effects
-Updated Lifesteal particle effect

-Upgraded to Unity 2018.1 (Fixes Physx crashes, shadow flickering, and added minor optimizations)
-Fixed audio options not loading on game start
-Fixed mementos not disappearing on use/pickup
-Updated collisions on walkable pipes to prevent getting stuck on the sides
-Fixed per shot reload not working correctly with the cursor reload UI on some weapons
-Fixed leap mutations causing player to trigger drop drone over gaps where you should be able to jump over
-Fixed random stat modifiers affecting stats that shouldn’t be changed
-Fixed Tesla Shield Aux not working
-Fixed reload sometimes allowing extra shots to be fired
-Item and memento model/description fixes
-More elevator fixes
-Level Fixes


Beacon Itch V1.1A 387 MB
Jun 01, 2018


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