Beacon Patch 1.1.1A

Beacon 1.1.1A is released! Grab the patch to get the new diary tutorial system, statistics tooltips, and all of the latest fixes. Below are the full patch notes. 

Gameplay and Tweaks
-Added stat tooltips to Reconstitute and Tab screen. Mouse over stats to read tooltips
-Added Diary Tutorial system: When mechanics or objects are stood next to in the environment a diary from Freja will appear hinting at the use of the mechanic.
-Added Melee Hit particle effect for player melee
-Added Movement Curve to Rattleslug enemy to give it better hopping movement
-Added Crit Multiplier to machine gun scripts (Allows crit to be tailored per weapon to avoid over-critting on certain weapons)
-Improved targetable item aiming (Laser Calldown, Bonespike)
-Fire debuff tweaked: Duration increased, damage decreased
-Weapon/Mutation Balance Tweaks
-Updated Fallen Crown mutation model (Matches Flauros enemy horns now)
-Added Level 1 Middle Bone Pit tile
-Level 1 Barricade Landmark Update: Polished terrain, removed left secret spire
-Level 2 Trap Tile Updates: Polished mini-boss arena layouts, updated entrance/exit terrain, and updated loot randomizers
-Re-balanced health drops on Small and Medium enemy drop tables (Should drop more often in high stress situations)
-Removed Laser Engine Weapon from drop tables temporarily (Too broken)

-Fixed DNA being removable with a mutation lock sometimes
-Fixed DNA count on stats screen only being per-level
-Fixed Quill Spray mutation locking game when loaded in
-Fixed enemies being able to run inside the player
-Fixed Rattleslug spawning 100% of the time
-Fixed Native loot cavern not changing weather
-Fixed Player Pyro Drone not lighting enemies on fire ever
-More elevator fixes


Beacon Itch V1.1.1A 384 MB
Jun 13, 2018


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