Beacon Patch 1.1.3A

Beacon 1.1.3A is released, adding some important fixes, balance tweaks to enemy spawns, and a tweak to the Hailshard weather event!

Gameplay and Tweaks
-Prism Containment Droid and Solus Prime enemies set to only spawn on Level 2 onwards from enemy spawners. Will still spawn in some level 1 Arenas and from drop pods, but not in the main level.
-Hailshard Weather Event updated: No longer automatically explodes after impact. Will stay in place and only explode if damaged.
-Updated Delayed Death scripts on certain enemies: Will now be more reliable and enemies locked in a delayed death won't be killable during their animation.
-Updated Title text settings and increased durationt

-Fixed mementos being un-inspectable
-Fixed items and weapon variants being unpickupable sometimes
-Fixed Level 3 failing to load if standing on Level 2 exit lift during level transition
-Fixed native loot cavern waypoint never being discovered
-Added loot waypoint to Uncharted cache
-Fixed player thighs missing on Sack Feet mutation
-Fixed MYCE ring not aligning with damage radius
-Fixed Quill Grenade projectiles hitting floor often and updated effects
-Level fixes


Beacon Itch V1.1.3A 386 MB
Jun 25, 2018


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