Beacon Patch 1.2A Containment Breach

Our second content expansion is here, Containment Breach! All manner of violent and dangerous organisms break free from Prism's security systems, exacting revenge upon anything in their paths.

Containment Breach adds a host of new content including new enemies, items, mutations, and level content! Read the full patch notes below.

Containment Breach Content

  • Uncharted enemy added, the Telemite
    • Grown from an infestation spawned by the Maw, the telemites can teleport at will and will drain Freja’s life force if latched on.
  • Uncharted enemy added, the Scavenger
    •  Appears rarely in landmark areas and steals your loot.
    • If killed all stolen loot will be returned, along with a bonus piece stolen by the scavenger in one of his other adventures.
    • If threatened enough, the Scavenger will attempt to rocket into the atmosphere with all collected loot.
  • Uncharted champion mod added, Alpha Specimen
    • Increases size of enemy and doubles health
  • Uncharted Act 1 Level Content added
    • New Uncharted cap tiles
    • Level 1 Telemite Maw landmark added
    • Level 2 Flauros Ziggurat landmark added
    • Added new Uncharted content to old levels
  • Uncharted Loot, Trap, and Secret mechanics added
    • Flauros jars
      • Break the jars for a chance at Flauros loot
    • Flauros Teleport Pads
      • Traverse the Flauros Dimension through the use of ancient Flauros magic
    • Flauros Lava Rock Platforms
      • Ride the platforms to traverse the Flauros dimension
    • Telemite eggs
      • Burn them before they hatch
    • DNA Cache
      • Collect a cache of DNA collected by Prism
    • DNA Drone
      • Collect a bonus cache of DNA if you can damage the drone before it flies past
    • Flauros Blood Shrine
      • Make a sacrifice at the altar for a reward
    • Flickering Light Bridge
      • Malfunctioning Prism technology makes these light bridges flicker occasionally
  • New Items
    • Passive: Enlil’s Favor 
      • Fall damage taken will now heal instead of damaging
    • Passive: Mesmer
      • Forbidden tech that immobilizes the enemy your reticule is over
    • Passive: Scorched Choker
      • Max health capped at 50
      • Health regenerates, with an 8 second delay after taking damage
    • Auxiliary: Menhir 
      • Summon a stone pillar from an unknown place
    • Pickup: Inverter 
      • Forbidden tech that will convert all damage taken into health while active
    • Pickup: Repentant Dagger
      • Grants invincibility for 16 seconds at the cost of 25 damage to your health
    • Pickup: Telemite Serum
      • Select a location of your choice to teleport to on screen
    • Weapon: Flame Cannon
      • Spawned from the latest upgrades to the MK3 Pyro Droid, Prism’s flame ball technology is now in your hands
  • New Mutations
    • Cinder Claws
      • Heat radiates from claws grown out of your back with such intensity that anything near you begins to blacken and singe.
    • Floating Abyss
      • Your legs are replaced with a flaming abyss that gives you the ability to float across gaps with ease.
    • Enflamed Skull
      • Your skull elongates and expands into the form of a Flauros Evoker, granting you lifesteal while ignited and the ability to summon Flauros to fight for you on successful critical hits. 
    • Limp Flesh
      • Something inside you feels wrong. Pain seems to trigger some kind of inbuilt survival response, and you find your body liable to balloon and retract in size, seemingly at random.
    • Gaseous Sack
      • Looking down, you find that your lower body has been subs umed by a large distended sack of blotched flesh, rippling from the waves of gas that give you the ability to float up wards at will.
    • Prying Claw
      • A greasy, wet mass of muscled flesh bursts out from your elbow, its boneless length culminating in a group of sharp claw-like fingers that pries out an item any time an enemy is killed with a melee attack.
    • Scavenger’s Sense
      • New information floods your senses from the new mal formed appendages on your head, giving you increased luck and raising the max items possible to spawn from each crate.
  • 4 new Uncharted mementos, revealing more of the mystery of Prism’s presence on Kovus

Gameplay and Tweaks

  • DNA Balance:
    • Base DNA
      • Positive stat range changed to 12-22
      • Negative stat range changed to 8-16
      • Mutation roll chance changed to 50%
    • Volatile DNA
      • Positive stat range changed to 14-28 
      • Negative stat range changed to 12-30
      • Mutation roll chance changed to 75%
    • Fortified DNA
      • Positive stat range changed to 20-28
      • Mutation roll chance changed to 25%
  • Player Stats
    • Resistance base stat increased from 25 to 50
    • Speed base stat increased from 25 to 50
    • Luck base stat increased from 25 to 50
    • Crit base stat increased from 25 to 50
    • Speed stat curve re-balance: Base movement speed is now faster and max movement speed is slower
    • Crit stat re-balance: Each point now provides .25% critical hit chance (12.5% at base and 50% at max)
    • Luck stat now affects enemy champion spawn chance
    • Luck stat now affects ammunition mod chance fire chance
    • Luck stat now affects weather event spawn chance
  • Items 
    • Passive Stat items that increase Max Health now heal for the amount of the stat gained.
    • Added full indicator to health pickups when standing on while at full health
    • Weapon Spawn Balancing: Heavy Weapons split into their own drop tables/loot crates, with a new Heavy Munitions waypoint added
    • Updated crate loot spitter to be quicker and not stack loot on top of eachother as often
  • Enemies
    • Health values balanced on many enemies
    • Hitbox size increased on flying enemies and tritoraptors
    • Enemy Flammable Tweaks
      • Ignited duration increased 
      • Flame DPS decreased
      • More enemies are now flammable (Sorry crabs and flydrops)
    • Prism enemy materials re-colored for each flavor. Tesla has a blue tint to sections of its armor now, and Pyro has more Orange armor.
  • UI
    • Added Discord community link to menu
    • Added link to patch notes (Click the current patch number)
    • Added new UI sounds to the menu, tab screen, and reconstitute screen
    • Added stat change descriptors to stat tooltips to describe how each item held affects your stats
    • UI Sub-Fields added to index (Items, Mementos)
    • Tweaked body text settings on mementos and item descriptions
  • Misc.
    • Targeting up a ramp will now attempt to aim upwards
    • Dodge Rolling with certain dodge types now kills enemies latched to the player
    • Prism Watchtower is now enterable without a key through the hole in the roof (If you can get up there)
    • Solus Cavern is now entered by dropping into the hole
    • Prism Depot elevators are quicker and no longer block the player from jumping off
    • Improved level navmesh generation time
  • Level
    • Act 1 Level Updates: Updated many middle, connector, cap, and trap level tiles
    • Level 2 Updates: Updated old level 02 intro tiles and made minor improvements  and spawn balances to level 02 landmarks


  • Fixed statistics being permanently reset when multiple temporary buffs were applied to the same stat
  • Fixed Passive stat items doubling stats recieved
  • Fixed  a lot of various elevator stuff
  • Fixed player Pyro Drone not igniting enemies (For real this time)
  • Fixed Succulent Trees not dropping fruit
  • Fixed Nematodes getting stuck in containment chambers when burst
  • Fixed another game breaking error caused by the Quill Spray mutation
  • Fixed Snot Bola being unreliable
  • Fixed issue with Ship Reactive Shield item not blocking some attacks it should
  • Nanomed Trauma Patch now overheals when activated at full health instead of healing to max and then degrading below starting health
  • Fixed Hailshard not being damaged by all weapons
  • Fixed detonator MK2 having a random detonate time (matches sound now)
  • Fixed Excavation Droid boss health bar not disappearing on death
  • Fixed Magrail Shotgun Variant from having projectiles spread vertically 
  • Fixed flame dash being infinitely spammable with 0 Stamina  
  • Level fixes


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