Beacon Patch 1.2.2A

Patch 1.2.2A is released, tweaking the Excavation Spider boss and adding a few more UI improvements! Read the full notes below. 


  • Added shield indicator to HUD (Appears when a Shoretaiku shield is active that will block an instance of damage. If regenerative, will show the regenerate cooldown while disabled)
  • Mutations names now show for their stat bonuses in stat tooltips.

Excavation Spider Boss Updates 

  • Connector plug now stays descended when boss is disabled and is able to be damaged while vulnerable
  • Increased port channeling time by 1 second
  • Boss is vulnerable for 2 seconds longer when disabled
  • Boss only summons one laser transmitter when successful now until below 400 health, when it will begin to summon all 3 when successful
  • Fixed boss getting permanently stunned by tesla stuns


  • Myce Updates
    • Improved particle effect readability 
    • Reduced range
    • Decreased growth time
    • Increased damage


  • Added waypoint to Watchtower spawn
  • Added crate waypoint to Tritoraptor Loot Eggs
  • Prism Mining Droids are now flammable
  • Added secret trigger to memento cavern entrance


  • Fixed ragdoll death error
  • Fixed contact explosives exploding on your own flame shield
  • Fixed patch number displaying incorrectly on menu


Beacon Itch V1.2.2A 394 MB
Jul 27, 2018


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