Beacon Patch 1.3A Fighting Chance

Beacon 1.3A is released, adding a handful of new weapons, items, and traps to help give Freja the edge in survival! 

Fighting Chance Content
New Items

  • SMG Weapon
  • ”Triple Threat” SMG Weapon Variant 
  • FLK-V Revolver Weapon
  • ”Crowd Pleaser” FLK-V Revolver Weapon Variant 
  • Vulture Sniper Weapon
  • ”Hawkeye” Sniper Weapon Variant
  • Magrail Meteor Pickup 
  • Reactive Shield Pickup
  • Slomo Pickup
  • Nanomed Overcharger Passive 
  • Mini-MYCE Grenade Mod
  • Rations Health Pickup
  • Uncharted Concussive Missile Auxiliary
  • Uncharted Starborn Sniper Weapon
  • Uncharted Starborn Flare Pickup

New Traps

  • Grenade Laser Tripwire
  • Wreckage Smash Laser Tripwire
  • Engine Jet Discharge
  • Explosive Trap Crate

New Levels

  • New secured camp sites left behind by past Frejas 
  • Shipwrecked trap and middle level tiles


  • Pickups that provide temporary health buffs now heal for the amount of health gained (Steroid Injector, Hive Nectar)
  • Fixed display durations on Pickup items and set more to display as Instant
  • Focus Injector now gives 2x reload speed while active
  • Steroid Injector now gives +25 Max Health while active
  • Soured Veins now gives +50 Max Health while active


  • Added new Shipwreck traps to Act 1 levels
  • Level 1 Barricade Landmark updated
    • Condensed upper area 
    • Added new Shipwrecked variant with ship traps
    • Added new variants to Prism faction variant
  • Updated Level 4 Start 
    • Condensed entrance to prevent map being mis-sized


  • New Flauros Dimension music


  • Lowered Scavenger health from 250 to 180
  • Tesla MK2 droid's tesla rifle attack will now more reliably hit the player when charged
  • Prism Tesla Droids now have 40 Tesla Armor
  • Prism Pyro Droids are now flammable and have 40 Fire Armor

Excavation Droid Boss

  • Fixed transmitters summoning in wrong order
  • Fixed laser attack sometimes hitting its own leg


  • DNA name is now displayed on their stats in stat tooltips


  • Prism Laser Triggers can now be triggered by enemies that run through
  • Tutorial small crate drop changed from Flare to Reactive Shield


  • Fixed Stat Tooltips disappearing on Tab Screen after first life
  • Fixed stat passives sometimes duplicating when picked up still
  • Fixed stat passives sometimes not being applied at all once picked up
  • Fixed Pyro Arm mutation projectile firing at too high a speed when auto-aimed
  • Fixed weapons from past lives not getting removed from the world
  • Fixed weapons with per-shot reload and charge shot requiring all shots to be reloaded before being fireable
  • Fixed Level 4 map screen not generating
  • Fixed error that caused some trap level tiles to never be selected at level generation
  • Fixed Sporeling Hive giving 3x crit stat instead of 2x


Beacon Itch V1.3A 405 MB
Aug 03, 2018


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