Beacon Patch 1.4A Lethal Infestation

Beacon First Access patch 1.4A is released! The insectoid Solus continue to expand their ever-growing domain on Kovus, intent on reclaiming land previously lost to foreign intruders. 

Lethal Infestation Content

New Enemies

  • Solus Ward death variant added
    • Scuttles around as quills spray out of its damaged shell
  • Solus Wardling death variant added
    • Charges up one final quill AoE spray before bursting

New Levels

  • Level 1 Giant Stomach Telemite Maw pocket world added
    • Explore the stomach and gear up before skipping ahead to Level 3
  • Level 1 Hive landmark added
    • Explore a minor Solus Hive form, one of the few remaining natural Solus structures not overtaken by Prism
  • Level 1 Trap Fortress landmark added
    • Explore a small Prism trap fortress, outfitted with minor Pyro and Tesla automatic defenses and a chance to loot an early Heavy Weapon
  • Level 2 Trap Mega Fortress landmark added
    • Explore a large Prism trap fortress, outfitted with the latest in heavy Pyro and Tesla automatic defenses
  • Act 1 Solus Stomach secret caps added
    • Coerce the stomach into opening to collect some bonus loot
  • Act 1 Solus Loot Pricker Nest variant added
    • Explore for a piece of Solus Loot in this new Quill infested loot zone
  • New Act 1 Solus Middle and Trap level tiles

New Traps

  • Solus Prickers
    • Continually fire out quills, making areas infested with them require extra attention to navigate safely
  • Solus Goop Fields
    • Large excretions of Solus goop cover the landscape, slowing down anything that walks through it

Game Updates


  • Added new Solus Infested variants to levels 1 and 2 landmarks
  • Level 2 Shipping Landmark update
    • Removed central area
    • Added new central shipping platform
    • Re-structured right exit
    • Cleaned up center variants
  • Level 2 Mega Hive Landmark update
    • Removed center quill nest/crab pit variant
    • Re-structured left and right exits
    • Re-structured Hive center
    • Added new spire randomizer w/ stomach entrance


  • Tesla SFG Trap Mini Launcher projectile updated to mini-SFG ball
  • Fixed Prism flame trap jets not lighting enemies on fire
  • Large Rotspore Enemy Mounds are now blow-uppable for a chance at some minor loot
  • Ship Laser Tripwire laser effect updated
  • Added Ship Engine discharge sound effects


  • Sniper Rifle Update
    • Laser sight activates on shot charge
    • Slow motion during charge to assist aiming
  • Minor weapon balance tweaks
  • Updated impact and crit effects to be more readable on many weapon types


  • Solus intestine transports now spit the player out after teleported
  • Added reload animations to Freja


  • Added VSync option
  • Fewer duplicate resolution options are shown


  • Fixed DNA dropping with no faction rarely
  • Fixed enemies not being stunned for the correct amount of time from certain player abilities/shot types
  • Fixed Freja's notes not appearing in the index on mementos/weapon variants
  • Fixed sorting issues on various materials


Beacon Itch V1.4A 411 MB
Aug 21, 2018


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