Beacon Patch 1.5.1A

Beacon patch 1.5.1A is released! Updates to the UI and audio system have been made, as well as a new Solar Flare weather event for the Sunset weather variant! Check out the full notes below. 


  • Updated audio priorities and sound mixers to prevent sounds getting improperly ordered (Some sounds might be missing as we finish setting the correct priorities)
  • Added and updated sounds for various traps/world objects
    • Shipping container bursts
    • Containment chamber bursts
    • Solus Wiener Cannon and Stomach sounds
    • Geyser plug pop
    • Cavern/Door traveling whoosh


  • Level 4 Shipping Headquarters update
    • Removed lower central cavern area and expanded fortress conveyor platform
    • Updated secrets
    • Added more randomizations
  • Updated level 4 water terrain
  • Added Flauros Blood Altar bonus loot caps


  • Set up laser trigger traps to be triggerable by enemies as well as the player
  • Updated mining laser effects


  • Menu screen updated
  • Reconstitution and Mutation Roll screens updated
  • Tab screens updated
  • Improved dynamic sizing of item model previews in tab and item screens
  • Fixed model preview being mis-scaled if current weapon is animated
  • Options screen now displays keybindings in a grid rather than a list
  • Fixed issue with resolution not displaying valid values
  • Updated grenade range ring indicator and added to player grenades


  • Waypoints in loot/secret zones will no longer show on the Map screen


  • Added weather event UI indicator (Stormcell Incoming)
  • Added Solar Flare weather event to Sunset weather variant
  • Tweaked storm event roll values to be more aggressive
  • Added weather randomizer to main menu


  • Fixed Level 1 Barricade landmark having impassible laser fence
  • Fixed Act 1 left Cliffside Campsite teleporting to wrong spot on cavern exit
  • Fixed Tesla Barrel not exploding from player shots often
  • Fixed additional cameras being rendered after exiting to menu following death


Beacon Itch V1.5.1A 430 MB
Sep 25, 2018


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