Beacon Patch 1.5.2A

Beacon 1.5.2A is released, adding polish to many effects, improvements to the tab screen Codex, and the Level 4 Excavation Headquarters landmark tile. 

Particle Effects

  • Updated Plasma Shot effects (Kaiser-Schmid bullets)
  • Updated various pickup item use and buff effects
  • Updated Tesla pulse ball and impact effects
  • Updated flame and flame explosion effects (Weapons, traps, and mutations)
  • Updated extinguish effect
  • Updated flame oil spill to shrink when disappearing
  • Updated rotspore effects (Weapons, traps, and mutations)
  • Updated mushroom burst effect
  • Updated Solus gib and bleed effects
  • Updated Solus light ability and ambient effects
  • Updated Solus acid ability and weapon effects
  • Updated Solus Alpha burrow ability effects
  • Updated Native enemy bleed and gib effects
  • Updated Prism droid death effect
  • Added Nematode bleed effect
  • Updated weather event effects (Hailshard and Tesla Strike)
  • Updated water splash scale in Hydro fortress levels
  • Fixed DNA cache glass being mis-colored and added DNA strand inside


  • Updated Level 2 End/Level 3 Start terrain
  • Added Level 4 Mining Intro tile
  • Added Level 4 Mining Landmark tile
    • Scale the excavation tower and toggle the Laser Engine to get through the fortress center


  • 10 new diaries added, written by past versions of Freja

Balance Tweaks

  • Munitions crates now have a chance to drop a Grenade Mod or Passive Ammo Mod instead of a weapon
  • Starborn Sniper now uses charge shot to increase the cluster splinter amount
  • Lowered Plasma Pistol base weapon damage slightly
  • Minor enemy health and ability balancing
  • Tweaked Pyro Droid torso jet gib movement
  • Lowered Prism Conveyor push speed
  • Lowered Rotspore Cloud damage


  • Exit waypoint now always appears on the top of the legend on the Map screen
  • Codex entries now persist, viewable in the new Archive tab
  • Codex entries now sorted by name
  • Codex centers on last acquired item when opened


  • Fixed prism barrier blocking shots after blown open
  • Fixed per shot reload weapons canceling reload when fired too quickly
  • Fixed waterfall sound priorities
  • Fixed enemy death sound priorities
  • Fixed passive items getting doubled when picked up still in a few cases
  • Set shaders to preload to prevent stuttering in game
  • Fixed basalt collapse causing player to get stuck in a fall loop if stood on while collapsing
  • Added frustum culling to decals to prevent them always being rendered
  • Fixed prism large turret not respecting muzzle angle when firing


Beacon Itch V1.5.2A 429 MB
Oct 01, 2018


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