Beacon Patch 1.6A Point of No Return

Beacon's 1.6A content expansion is here, marking the end of our Act 1 Roadmap! Along with new boss fights and ammunition mods, a new DNA mod feature has been added allowing you to alter your genome even further than before. 

Point of No Return Content

New Act 1 Bosses

  • Flauros Aphelion - Escaped from the Flauros dimension, the Aphelion has taken over Prism’s main elevator platform in an attempt to keep you trapped on Kovus so they may continue their rituals on your future clones.
  • Solus Acid Hivemind - One of the apex Solus creatures, the Hivemind has infested the elevator platform to disrupt Prism operations on Kovus with little thought towards blocking the progress of such an insignificant life form as Freja.

New DNA Feature - DNA Mods

  • Collect DNA mods from medium and high tier enemies and apply them to your genome after death, allowing you to alter your statistics and mutations even further between runs.
  • Mod: +1 Mutation Life
  • Mod: +3 Mutation Life
  • Mod: x2 Mutation Life
  • Mod: x2 All Stats
  • Mod: x2 One Stat
  • Mod: x3 One Stat
  • Mod: Invert One Stat
  • Mod: Invert All Stats
  • Mod: Remove Mutation

New Levels

  • Level 4 - Excavation and Containment exit arenas added
  • Act 1 - Succulent Sanctuary, Excavation Graveyard, and Rotspire bonus loot cap tiles added
  • Act 1 - Secret caverns added (3 variants with more to come later)
  • Act 1 - Updated Tritoraptor trap tiles

New Items

  • Native Heart of the Forest Passive - Increases Max Health x2, found in the Succulent Sanctuary
  • Ship Explosive Ammo - Bullets have a chance to explode on contact
  • Ship Ricochet Ammo - Bullets ricochet off of the world once
  • Prism Pyro Ammo - Bullets have a chance to cause the enemy to explode into a flame wave on killing blow
  • Uncharted Concussive Ammo - Critical shots burst in a stun explosion
  • Uncharted Teleleech Ammo - Bullets have a chance to lifesteal
  • Uncharted Nematode Ammo - Bullets have a chance to cause the enemy to explode on killing blow
  • Solus Acid Ammo - Bullets apply acid to enemies
  • Solus Egg Ammo - Bullets have a chance to cause the enemy to explode into hatchlings on killing blow

Game Updates


  • Base DNA stat ranges updated: Positive 12-20, Negative 8-24
  • Fortified DNA stat ranges updated: Positive 16-24
  • Volatile DNA stat ranges changed: Positive 12-24, Negative 18-30


  • Rotspore Repeater Weapon - Increased scaling damage
  • Electrocutioner Weapon - Reduced magazine size from 8 to 4
  • Ship Assault Drone Passive - Increased bullets per burst
  • Ball Buster Weapon - Reduced magrail ball damaged
  • Quill Gatling Weapon - Increased ammo capacity, increased quills per burst, and reduced spread
  • Tesla Droids MK1 and MK2 enemies - Reduced max health and adjusted MK2 ability cooldowns
  • Pyro Droids MK1, MK2, and MK3 enemies - Reduced max health
  • Uncharted Flauros and Flauros Evoker enemies - Reduced max health
  • Uncharted Scavenger enemy- Reduced max health
  • Solus Drone enemy - Reduced max health


  • Updated and improved Excavation Spider Boss sounds (Other bosses to receive a similar pass soon) 


  • Updated laser carbine weapon effects
  • Updated LMG weapon effects
  • Updated Solus and Prism champion mod enemy effects
  • Updated Flauros smoke effects
  • Updated parity of effects missed in last effects pass


  • Added options for Anti-Aliasing and AO


  • Fixed mementos not showing up in the Codex
  • Fixed tesla barrel sometimes putting the player in an infinite stun loop
  • Fixed weapons that fire multiple shots without a burst playing too many sounds


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Oct 26, 2018


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