Beacon Patch 1.6.1A

Patch 1.6.1A is released, adding more ways to get DNA mods, new secret caverns, and performance optimizations! 

Patch Notes


  • Added 3 new secret cavern variants


  • DNA Caches now have a chance to spawn DNA mods
  • Added a low chance for DNA Mods to spawn from small enemies
  • Hivemind Boss
    • Reduced max health by 200
    • Lowered Acid Wave duration and turn speed
    • Phase 2 now starts at 400 health
  • Solus Warden large enemy
    • Quill Spray quill amount reduced and cooldown increased
    • Quill projectile enlarged
    • Max health reduced
  • Tritoraptor Patriarch medium enemy
    • Lowered max health
    • Increased time for cloak to activate
  • Flame Cannon Weapon
    • Buffed flame wave impact damage
  • Snot Bola Auxiliary
    • Buffed explode damage
  • Flame Barrel Trap
    • Explode AoE increased
  • Pyro Pod Enemy Summon
    • Increased flame wave range and added clearer wave effect


  • Fixed Level 4 Exit from overlapping arena variants
  • Fixed Hivemind Boss exit pit teleport not functioning correctly often
  • Fixed tripwire projectors not being destroyable by weapons
  • Reduced number of basalt gibs from broken basalt stacks
  • Removed small ambient point lights from many prefabs to improve performance
  • Enabled shadow cascades on Low, Medium, and High settings
  • Optimized waterfall effects
  • Optimized and updated swamp fern tree effects


Beacon Itch V1.6.1A 443 MB
Nov 03, 2018


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