Beacon Patch 1.7A Cascading Protocols

Beacon content patch 1.7A is released, adding 3 new large tier Prism enemies, fresh Level 4 content, and new DNA Skill Mods. 

Cascading Protocols Content

New Enemies

  • Tesla MK3 Droid - The top of the line in Prism Tesla technology, the MK3 droid fires a burst of tesla pulse balls while occasionally riding an artificial lightning strike to reposition. If near enough to the player, the MK3 Tesla Droid can also summon a Tesla dome that traps you in as it zaps anything trapped inside.
  • Tesla Spider - A large tier spider droid enemy that makes use of a rapid firing tesla beams in its main attack, the Tesla Spider can also shield itself and call down an artificially generated tesla storm.
  • Pyro Spider - Another variant on the spider line of droids, it launches a barrage of flame balls from its pyro engine head and calls down a group of automated pyro pods when shielded.
  • Champion Mod: Pyro Energy - Prism enemies affected will explode into a large flame wave when killed
  • Prism Drone: Excavation Drone - A new Prism automated enemy drone that fires a mining laser occasionally.

New DNA and Stat updates

  • Skill Mods - Each piece of Paramount DNA now has a bonus skill applied
    • +2 Grenade Containers
    • +50% Reduced Auxiliary Regen
    • x2 Pickup Duration
    • x2 Increased Stamina Regen
    • -50% Melee Stamina Cost
    • -50% Dodge Stamina Cost
    • x2 Reload Speed
  • Critical DNA - When a piece has over 100 reached on a stat its status will become critical and it will be removed after the following life. If a mutation is present on the critical DNA, its mutation life will be set to 1.
  • New DNA Mod: Add Random Stat
  • New DNA Mod: Remove Random Stat
  • Stat Updates
    • Speed, Resistance, Critical Hit, and Luck now all start at 100 base instead of 50
    • Speed, Resistance, Critical Hit, and Luck max raised to 300 from 200
    • Minimum Health and Stamina raised to 25 from 10

New Levels

  • New Level 4 Landmark - Containment Headquarters Landmark added, housing top of the line Prism automated defenses.
  • 10+ new Level 4 cap/intro tiles added - expanding the randomization of Level 4 and giving more loot to collect at the outer sections of the map.
  • 3 new Act 2 Prism Loot zones added - scale a randomized Prism fortress spire to collect a fresh piece of equipment.
  • 5+ new Act 1 trap tiles added - introducing the new line of Prism droids into Act 1 and updating older tiles with their new technologies.
  • New Secret: Weapon Ship - Send one of your current weapons back to your base camp to give it to your next clone.

New Items

  • Pickup: Mega Satellite Strike - The Mega Satellite Strike is a unique opportunity to redirect every mining laser within range to your designated location, combining their strength into a single incredible sustained blast that has to be seen to be believed.
  • Passive: Excavation Drone - Designed with the private prospector in mind, the PRISM Mining Drone is the latest in our line of personal autonomous craft. Orbiting its user, the drone emits a powerful mining laser at regular intervals.
  • Auxiliary: Pyro Pod -  Split out from work in our robotics department, the standalone Flame Pod is the ideal fire-and-forget support drop against biological targets. Just one button press, and a fire-spewing stationary platform will drop from the sky to support your endeavours.
  • Auxiliary: Tesla Strike - With a single press, call down the power of the gods.Tesla Strike is accurate to within a couple of feet, allowing a deadly spear of electricity to be summoned.
  • Grenade: Pyro Grenade - While lacking the explosive power of some alternatives, the Pyro grenade is simply unparallelled at incinerating biological targets.
  • Weapon: Tesla Pistol - A predecessor of the PRISM Tesla Pistol originally appeared as part of our non-lethal home security range. Reluctant to let good engineering go to waste, however, the Tesla Pistol was retooled. What was once a powerful deterrent became a permanent one.
  • Weapon Variant: Thunderball - Fires a mini-SFG ball on critical shot.
  • Weapon: Pyro SMG - By combining the rapid-fire SMG shots with the adherent flammable gel found in our Pyro range, we have created an extremely effective anti-personnel weapon that causes both initial impact trauma and lasting incendiary damage as the projectile ignites its target.
  • Weapon Variant: Matchmaker - Fires a flame cannon projectile on the final bullet.

New Mutations

  • Pyro Tank - Your spine hardens and solidifies into a single metal rod, to better support the fuel tank being welded permanently onto your back. When damaged it sometimes spurts a burst of flame outwards.
  • Tesla Spinal Link - Splitting open your back like tissue paper, a row of electromagnetic coils to emerge into the air, humming and sparking with energy. When you feel pain they sometimes send a jolt of electricity back at your attacker without any effort from you.
  • Sonic Cannon - You give up your left hand in favour of permanently grafting a sonic cannon arm in its place, allowing you to fire a sonic shot in place of a standard melee attack.

New Mementos

  • 10 new Prism comm logs added - giving a glimpse into the past of the employees present on the planet.

Game Updates


  • Base DNA stat ranges updated: Positive 10-16 Negative 12-20
  • Volatile DNA stat ranges updated: Positive 12-20 Negative 16-30
  • Fortified DNA stat ranges updated: Positive 16-24
  • Paramount DNA stat ranges changed: Positive 20-30 Negative 16-26


  • Dodge base stamina cost lowered to 25, now 4 dodges at base stamina
  • Flauros Aphelion sacks now have a chance to drop health shards when dropped
  • Reduced DNA Mod drop chance from medium enemies
  • Paramount DNA now has a chance to drop from Large enemies
  • Paramount DNA now drops 100% 1 piece from Act 1 Bosses
  • Champion Mod: Tesla Energy - Removed tesla explosion on enemy death
  • Updated Armor values on enemy subfactions
    • Prism Security Enemies - Resistant to Physical and weak to Acid
    • Prism Pyro enemies - Resistant to Fire and weak to Explosive
    • Prism Tesla enemies - Resistant to Tesla and weak to Physical
    • Prism Spider enemies - Resistant to Physical and Explosive
    • Solus Light enemies - Resistant to Sonic and weak to Fire
    • Solus Acid enemies - Resistant to Acid and weak to Sonic
    • Solus Quill enemies - Resistant to Explosive and weak to Tesla
    • Native enemies - Resistant to Physical and weak to Explosive and Fire
  • Auxiliary: Bonespike - Increased bonespike size and damage radius
  • Weapon: Magrail Blaster/Revolver - Lowered mini-magrail ball impact damage and raised explosion damage
  • Mutation: Bloated Sack - Lowered initial jump boost, increased vertical float speed
  • Mutation: Telemite Maw - Reduced lifesteal on crit amount to 10%
  • Enemy: Prism Embedded Turrets - Increased wake up and attack range on all embedded turret variants.
  • Health: Fruit - Heal from eating Fruit reduced


  • Updated Level 1 End/Level2 Start tiles
  • Updated Act 1 Prism Loot Containment and Shipping variants
  • Level 4 water terrain pass #2
  • Level 2 Flauros Dimension - Replaced floating island travel variant with a new less annoying teleport variant


  • Updated and improved Flauros Aphelion boss movement and attack sounds


  • Added color fill on Auxiliary icon that matches the recharge time
  • Added remaining life indicator for mutations on Tab Genome screen


  • Fixed AO option not working correctly
  • Fixed drones clipping into walls when orbiting
  • Fixed moving platforms causing legs to jitter when riding
  • Fixed droids walking through Shipping Container walls when spawned inside
  • Fixed Rotspore enemy mounds exploding loot off of cliffs (Now throws towards player)
  • Optimized Tritoraptor Nest egg break setup


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Dec 05, 2018


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