Beacon Patch 1.8A Deadly Ecology

Beacon 1.8A is released, Deadly Ecology! The Solus faction fights back against the droid interlopers with a new enemy type and champion mod, new items and mutations have been added, and a new Eclipse event occurs during Night weather. 

Deadly Ecology Content

New Enemies

  • Solus Soldier - A younger variant of the Solus Alpha, the Soldier aggressively tries to melee with its stinger arms and burrows to perform either a spike or acid attack at a new position.
  • Solus Soldier Death Variant - With its melee stingers and acid wiener blown off, the Soldier attempts to headbutt or burrow dive at the player.
  • Champion Mod: Globules - The enemy hosts a growth of light globules, bursting outwards when they are killed.

New Levels

  • New Level 4 Landmark: Irradiated Hive
  • New Act 2 Solus Loot Stomachs
  • New Level 4 Solus cap and intro tiles

New Trap/Travel Mechanics

  • Quill Caltrops - Releases a spike of sharp quills shortly after triggering the caltrops, sometimes filling large ground areas.
  • Spore Pad - Carries the player upwards while standing inside of the spore fountain released by the pad.

New Items

  • Weapon: Globule Lobber - Upon ‘firing’ the device a bioluminescent globule is ejected in an arc, exploding with a burst of blinding light shortly after contact.
  • Weapon: Globule Cannon - With careful stimulation of exposed nerves at the rear, large globules can be ejected from the front of the device, sticking to targets upon impact and bursting into several smaller light globules.
  • Passive: Hatchling Guardians - The still-throbbing egg sac of a Solus Firefly containing a substantial brood of hatchlings. Once released, the offspring will imprint upon the holder, orbiting around them in a tight protective circle.
  • Pickup: Hatchling Halo - Hatchlings may be released by cutting the sac open prematurely, causing its occupants to develop a natural attachment with the holder of the sac, and form a defensive ‘halo’ around them.
  • Auxiliary: Quill Caltrops - An improvised trap utilising the quills of an indigenous species. The natural tension and elasticity of the device allows it to act as though it were spring-loaded, releasing upward upon activation with substantial force.
  • New Solus Crates - Solus Stomach Mound and Small Chitin Hive crates, along with more Solus secret loot spawns in Act 1 levels

New Mutations

  • Nursery Shell - A large shell grows out of your back, releasing hatchlings defensively when damaged.
  • Scuttling Claws - Thick claws replace your feet, giving you a speed boost while strafing.
  • Stimulating Tentacles - Tentacles grow out of your hips, replenishing stamina when acid is applied to you.
  • Chitinous Claw - A lightweight Solus claw, the stamina cost to melee is reduced.

New Mementos

  • 6 new Solus Mementos - New story collectibles that begin to reveal the mystery of the Solus hive.

Game Updates

Weather Updates

  • New Night Weather Event: Eclipse - An Eclipse consumes the planet, decreasing your visibility greatly and making your Visor difficult to see
  • Updated Sunset Weather Event: Solar Flare - Replaced HUD disable flare with Solar Flare that covers large areas in flames
  • Updated Night Weather ambient effects
  • Added Stomach weather type for large solus stomach pocket worlds


  • Fixed Ship Weapon Drone breaking player
  • Fixed player sinking into floating platforms slightly while moving up
  • Fixed debuff notifier being stuck on screen sometimes after level transfer
  • Fixed Level 3 boss elevator transfer not working correctly on Excavation Spider and Hivemind
  • Increased player slope and step limits to prevent getting stuck on ramps/stairs


Beacon Itch V1.8A 494 MB
Dec 25, 2018


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