Beacon Patch 1.9A

Patch 1.9A is released, adding long awaited improvements to the Continue/Save system, an update to the Tutorial introduction screen, and a handful of new items!

Game Updates

New Items

  • Grenade: Globule Grenade - Explodes into a two-stage cluster of Solus Globules
  • Passive: Tesla Armor - Increases Tesla Armor by 50
  • Passive: Pyro Armor - Increases Pyro Armor by 50
  • Passive: Explosive Armor - Increases Explosive Armor by 100
  • Weapon Variant: Copycat (Grenade Launcher) - Launcher fires whatever your current grenade mod is


  • Continue System Update: Now restarts at the last level you quit on in the same level seed, with all looted items and weapons preserved
  • Tutorial Screen Update: Updated tutorial intro screen with improved flow and visuals


  • Auxiliary: Rebound Beam - Increased boomerang beam size and updated effects
  • Passive: Kevlar Vest - Changed to give +25 to Physical, Sonic, and Explosive armor instead of all armor types
  • Passive: Kevlar Boots - Changed to give +15 to Physical, Sonic, and Explosive armor instead of all armor types
  • Pickup: Mega Satellite Strike - Decreased charge up time and updated crosshair effects
  • Grenade: Quill Bombs - Reduced amount of quills released
  • Passive: Nematode Ammo - Reduced chance to apply on shot
  • Weapon: Matchmaker - Set to fire large flame wave at end of each burst instead of only at the end of the clip
  • Weapon: Tesla Rifle - Lowered Charge time
  • Weapon: Tesla SMG and Livewire Variant - Increased mini tesla coil damage and increased radius for shots to arc at nearby enemies
  • Enemy: Pyro Spider - Reduced Holoshield duration by half to prevent being active while moving/firing
  • Enemy: Scavenger - Increased max health by 40 and fixed aim point
  • Boss: Hivemind - Reduced wiener health


  • Options - Added FPS cap option
  • Solar Flare Weather Event - Updated effects
  • Polluted Tornado Weather Event - Updated effects and lowered damage dealt
  • Added highlight effect for NPCs that have damaged the player and are blocked by an object in the foreground
  • Player ragdoll now has correct mutations applied instead of base player model
  • Updated player shield break and regenerate effects


  • Fixed DNA being removed when picking up an item that modified your stats
  • Fixed a few DNA Mods and Skills not being on the DNA Manager drop table
  • Fixed reticule line jittering on moving platforms
  • Fixed weapons being able to be switched while charging
  • Fixed not being able to switch weapons while inside certain triggers
  • Fixed Solus Alpha and Soldier burrow charge knockback not triggering drop drone if knocked off of the level
  • Fixed Flauros Evoker not canceling teleport when killed when teleporting
  • Fixed Tritoraptor and Rattleslug enemies being difficult to hit
  • Fixed Hivemind wieners sometimes blocking bullets from certain weapons
  • Fixed being able to get stuck under lava in the Flauros Dimension
  • Fixed explosive ammo exploding on player with certain weapons
  • Fixed Health Pickup sound not being played on the correct sound layer
  • Fixed many grenade and explosive shot types not pushing items and gibs
  • Fixed a handful of cases where the reload anim wouldn't stop when holstering weapons
  • Fixed issue where pickup icons would set the icon to their size rather than the fixed size
  • Fixed Hatchling Halo leaving behind invisible objects that would have debuffs applied
  • Fixed delay on holo barrier de-activate animation


Beacon Itch V1.9A 568 MB
Jan 24, 2019


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