Beacon Patch 1.9.1A

Patch 1.9.1A is released with a few fixes and new UI Tooltips that appear the first time you go through the Reconstitution process! 

Game Updates


  • Added new tooltips that appear the first time you go through the DNA Reconstitution process


  • Weapon: Tesla Rifle - Set to fire in a 4 shot burst, increased max ammo capacity
  • Weapon: Sonic Gatling - Reduced max ammo count
  • Weapon: Leviathan (Sonic Gatling Variant) - Reduced burst bullet count, reduced max ammo count
  • Passive: Drones - Increased attack range and attack speeds of many player drones


  • Added activate sound to Level 3 Light Bridge reactor
  • Updated Tesla buff effects


  • Fixed Continue crash from missing passive item
  • Fixed Headers collapse buttons being difficult to click
  • Fixed Rotvine Whip not activating cooldown when used
  • Fixed Tesla MK3 Droid and Flauros Evoker enemies from breaking after completing their teleport ability


Beacon Itch V1.9.1A 534 MB
Jan 30, 2019


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