Beacon 2019 Development Roadmap

Beacon 2019 Roadmap

Leading up to our Early Access launch we wanted to give everyone a closer look into our plans for the rest of Beacon’s development. The above image lists our current set of patches planned, including a few of the main features that will be added. We’ll of course continue listening to feedback from the community and will talk about adding any suggestions! The feedback we received during our first access development has helped shaped the game into its current state and we’re looking forward to having more community involvement once it’s available on Steam.

Below is a more detailed list of the patches and features listed on the roadmap. We plan to continue releasing a new content patch every 3-5 weeks with minor fix and feature patches in between. Patch 2.0 will be releasing on February 27th, including Level 5 and the DNA Research Bar feature!

Patch 2.0 - Depth Charge

The facility is breached, loosing new secrets and attracting strange adversaries.

  • Level 5 Added, beginning Freja’s descent into the cryptic Prism Vault
  • New Act 1 level content, including beam redirect loot zones
  • New Music for levels 2 through 5
  • New Uncharted Faction Enemies and Armaments
  • 8 New Tinkered Weapon Variants added, left behind by past Freja’s

Feature - DNA Research Bar

  • Invest your excess DNA into researching new items and weaponry at the end of each life

Patch 2.1 - Undying Brood

The planet’s autochthonous inhabitants take drastic action to ensure their survival.

  • New Native Faction Enemies and Armaments
  • Additional Act 1 and Act 2 Native Levels
  • Expanded Native Story Content

Feature - Daily Challenges

  • Complete Daily Challenges to gain DNA research points and unlock more items

Patch 2.2 - Blighted Stars

Shadowy forces make themselves known, intervening in events with malicious intent.

  • New Uncharted Faction Enemies and Armaments
  • Additional Level 5 Reactor Landmarks
  • Expanded Act 1 Uncharted Levels

Patch 2.3 - Corporate Intervention

A lost cache is uncovered, providing new tools and evoking old memories.

  • New Kaiser-Schmid and Shoraiteku Armaments
  • Additional Act 1 Shipwreck Levels
  • Expanded Freja’s Story Content

Feature - Boss Mutations

  • Mutate into the highest lifeform of your DNA’s species, giving you a bonus ability and a full set of matching mutations

Patch 2.4 - Breaking Point

Strange foes are discovered in familiar places, new challenges faced upon well-trodden paths.

  • New Act 1 Boss Fights
  • Mini-Boss Encounters Added
  • Additional Enemy Champion Mods

Patch 2.5 - Kovus Almanac

Strange and disparate aspects are encountered, presenting both opportunities and threats.

  • New Enemies for Solus and Prism factions
  • New Items and Armaments added for research

Patch 2.6 - Pathfinder

The curious and perceptive are presented with ever more numerous challenges and rewards.

  • Final Act 1 and Act 2 Level Content Added
  • Expanded Secrets, including new hints towards Prism’s purpose on Kovus-18
  • Additional Tinkered Weapon Variants added

Final Release

The facility bares itself to only the most intrepid. One way or another, the journey will end.

  • Explore Level 6, descending through Prism’s highest security chamber
  • Defeat the Act 2 Final Bosses and activate your Beacon
  • Localization, Achievements, Community Features, and Final Polish
  • Beacon OST Released

If we finish all of these milestones on time the full release should be later in Summer or Fall 2019. We had to make the tough decision to hold off on adding localization and more community features until the final release due to our small team size and structure, but we’ll update everyone when we’re more certain which languages we’ll be translating to.

Thanks to everyone for following and playing Beacon the last year of development! If anyone runs into any issues or has a suggestion don't hesitate to post on the itch forum or our Discord. We're looking forward to finalizing the last chunks of content leading up to the final release and any feedback will help shape the final version of the game! 


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