Beacon Patch 2.01A

Patch 2.01A is released, fixing the Continue freeze many players had and adding some new Reconstitution sound effects! If you end up encountering the Continue freeze bug again please let us know on our itch forum or Discord!


  • Assault Rifle and Swift Arbiter (Variant) - Reduced max bullet damage
  • Medium Enemies - Increased max health of a handful of Medium tier enemies
  • Reduced positive stats in Paramount DNA from 3 to 2 to encourage use of more DNA mods and prevent UI error
  • Increased trigger radius on many health drops to make them easier to pick up


  • Added new DNA Research and Level Up sounds
  • Added DNA Mod Select and Place sounds
  • Added Mutation Roll and other Genome Sequencing sounds
  • Added Reconstitute tooltip popup sound
  • Added fire sound to Quill Bladder auxiliary item


  • Added map hint to level 01 start to hint checking map before entering the level
  • Made a few Act 1 jump puzzles easier to complete
  • Added more side panels to pipewalks in Level 1 and 2 to make easier to walk over
  • Fixed Flauros Dimension central teleport platform being unreachable with the Sack Feet mutation applied
  • Fixed Fungi Cache loot dungeon having a broken cavern teleport
  • Other miscellaneous level fixes and improvements


  • Improved player positioning and stickiness when on moving platforms such as shipping containers
  • Improved responsiveness of enemies that fall off of the level and set to explode shortly after
  • Semi-Automatic weapons will now fire at a slow rate while the fire key is held down


  • Fixed Continue getting stuck on black screen before loading into level for certain players
  • Removed recent drag and replace DNA addition on reconstitute screen to prevent being able to replace locked DNA.
  • Fixed music not reverting to background correctly on exit from many pocket worlds (Disabled Level 1 Landmark Music to assist)
  • Fixed Icosatron lasers not appearing during its first attack
  • Fixed Tesla Pistol and Electrocutioner damaging self when Mini-SFG ball fires
  • Fixed Rotten Egg grenades not causing enemies to fight each other
  • Fixed Prism Security Droid enemy having too low of a wakeup range
  • Fixed leaping enemies getting stuck in a leap animation if they target an enemy other than the player
  • Fixed many Uncharted items having the wrong faction icon on index entries
  • Fixed memento/item title text wrapping incorrectly on low resolutions
  • Fixed Nanomed Trauma Patch not saying Instant Use

We've started work on patch 2.1 as well, which will add a few new enemies including this guy. 


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Mar 04, 2019


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