Beacon Patch 2.02

Beacon 2.02 is released! Patch 2.02 contains our first set of improvements for controllers and handful of other tweaks and fixes. The main additions include an Aim Lock that holds the cursor on an enemy when Left Trigger is held, as well as the ability to rebind controller buttons. If you’re a controller player try out the new aim locking and let us know how you like it. We’re open to exploring more options for controller aiming as well if the aim lock still doesn't feel quite right, but in our initial tests it's been a much better play experience.


  • Added the ability to aim-lock on targets by holding Left Trigger
  • Right Joystick Click cycles between targets while aim locking
  • Grenade moved to Up D-Pad (Used to be left trigger)
  • Map moved to Right D-Pad (Used to be Down D-Pad)
  • Flashlight moved to Left D-Pad (Used to be Up D-Pad)
  • Fixed issues with controller being difficult to use in some menus
  • Fixed selection not resetting after clicking an option on the main menu
  • Fixed vibrate staying active on death sometimes


  • Added Reset to Default setting in Keybinds tab
  • Added ability to re-bind controller buttons (Xbox One supported)
  • Added aim and menu speed settings (Applied to Controller joysticks)


  • Magrail Handgun and Droid Dropper (Variant) - Set to Single Shot reload to compensate for recent semi-auto change
  • Rotspore Repeater and Seeker (Variant) - Set base Repeater needles to home at a low rate and increased homing rate of Seeker needles
  • Enemy - Pyro Droid MK3: Increased health of pyro pod summons
  • Improved visibility of Hailshard, Lightning, and Solar Flare stormcell telegraph effects
  • Lowered base Stormcell spawn chance for all weather types


  • Added new Hexagoth attack and movement sounds
  • Added new Effigy attack and movement sounds
  • Fixed bullet impact volume being too loud since 2.01


  • Added new pipewalks to many angled pipe sections to make walking on them easier
  • Flauros Blood Altar - Secret unlock mechanic replaced with a simpler "Sacrifice 50 Health" to unlock
  • Updated level 5 shipping conveyor jump puzzles to be easier to jump between multi-conveyor jumps
  • Fixed Solus Stomach secret triggering green screen fade if you jump too high inside
  • Fixed Level 04 Shipping Landmark cavern not teleporting


  • Fixed multiple games being started if menu buttons were spammed
  • Fixed items being difficult to swap when multiple were overlapped
  • Fixed Tesla Strike lightning sticking down through the floor where it impacted
  • Fixed an issue with the targeting manager not hitting some directional targets correctly
  • Fixed being able to open the tab screen with the escape menu open
  • Fixed Solus Colonies being difficult to shoot at
  • Added cooldown to throwable pickups with multiple uses to prevent hitting yourself


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