Beacon Patch 2.03

Patch 2.03 is out, adding some performance improvements, new sounds for the Icosatron enemy (laser soccer ball), and other fixes! This will likely be the last minor patch coming out before 2.1 in a couple weeks, which will be the first larger content patch of our early access development including a bunch of new Native faction content.


  • Enemy - Solus Prime: Charge ability range increased so it will use it more often when further away
  • Boss - Excavation Spider: Improved beam impact damage so it will hit the player more often when sweeping over
  • Icosatron - Decreased max health after fixing lasers harming itself while rolling (Still around the same time to kill), optimized particle effects, and fixed lasers staying active sometimes while in cooldown


  • Added new Icosatron movement and attack sound effects


  • Updated pickup wheel timer reticule visual


  • Added new arc line preview for Rotspore Heels and Tritoraptor Heels
  • Increased all camera zooms slightly, and improved balance of camera zooms in landmark levels from levels 1-4


  • Garbage collection fixes and optimizations
  • Optimized many water and swamp particle effects
  • Optimized many texture import sizes to reduce texture memory used
  • Fixed controller aim lock locking onto small breakable objects or drones instead of enemies
  • Improved interaction when rotspore whip vine pulls an enemy tethered to you off a cliff
  • Fixed Tesla Shield aux being droppable while active, giving semi-permanent shield
  • Fixed Containment Prism aux not activating cooldown on item when used
  • Improved Level 5 Start floor glass visibility
  • Fixed Level 5 Weather switching when near the bottom wall in a landmark area
  • Fixed Act 2 Prism Containment Loot variant scripting errors


Beacon 2.03 624 MB
Mar 27, 2019


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