Beacon Patch 2.04

Patch 2.04 is released, adding more optimizations and a few balance tweaks! This build should have a noticeable increase in performance for most players of 20-40 FPS in many areas.


  • Reduced Blood Altar use from 50 to 40 health to prevent instant kill if you have the Scorched Choker
  • Added secret highlights to more objects for the Leg Feelers mutation
  • Mutation: Gaseous Sack - Increased initial boost and vertical boost speeds to make more useful
  • Weapons: Quill Shotgun and Thorn Dealer (Variant) - Increased delay before regenerative reload begins
  • Weapons: Stygian Hunter and Stygian Hammer weapons - Increased reload time


  • Cleaned Menu and Level 1 Start areas to give increased performance
  • Disabled shadows on many light sources that weren't largely noticeable
  • Optimized Prism Spider Droid and Shipping Drone light usage
  • Optimized Shipping Container and Containment Chamber light usage
  • Optimized fire effects and lighting
  • Optimized many champion enemy particle effects
  • Optimized many death explosion particle effects
  • Optimized weather particle effects
  • Optimized and improved geyser particles


  • Fixed Effigy core material
  • Fixed weapons aiming at nearby player drones instead of enemies in some cases


Beacon 2.04 623 MB
Mar 29, 2019


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