Beacon Patch 2.11

2.11 fixes some issues from build 2.1 and fixes an issue with Accuracy since a statistics update in a previous patch. We've started tweaking the player's gravity a bit more as well to make using boosts and falling a bit smoother, and will likely update it again in the next patch if there's any feedback on how this build feels. 


  • New Level 4 Caps - Irradiated Tritoraptor Nests
  • New Level 4 Caps - Native Loot Cavern Entrances
  • Updated Act 1 Chilopod Intro tiles
  • Removed wall traps from Level 2 Spider Droid trap tile fights


  • Accuracy: Tweaked accuracy values on many weapons and reduced player base accuracy stat to make accuracy changes more noticeable (Was accidentally set to max so accuracy was never affected in game. Base accuracy on many weapons will be worse now, but accuracy items will be more effective)
  • Pickup: Focus Injector - Added new 2x Reload Speed buff while active (On top of accuracy increase)
  • Weapon: Flak Revolver and Crowd Pleaser - Increased max ammo, decreased damage, increased reload time, decreased fire rate (No longer semi-auto)
  • Weapon: Starborn Sniper - Increased max splinters when fully charged, decreased charge time, decreased base bullet damage, increased fire rate
  • Weapon: Tesla Rifle - Increased tesla bounce range, decreased shot damage loss per bounce, decreased base shot damage slightly


  • Tweaked player’s gravity during boosts/falls to make increase to max fall speed more gradual. This makes landing after boosting off of geysers and rotspores easier and will make some jumps more forgiving.


  • Added new Karnak sounds (Walking, drinking, and death)
  • Added new Chilopodrae movement and attack sounds
  • Optimized audio priorities and other audio properties on many objects


  • Various level fixes
  • Fixed level 4 not generating rarely since patch 2.1
  • Fixed Level 5 start elevator being sticky in the middle when walked over
  • Fixed rotspore needles spawned by Rotneedle Balloons not exploding after latching to player
  • Fixed duplicate explosives being created from reflect scripts
  • Fixed player death UI sounds not playing correctly often
  • Fixed missing materials on many item previews
  • Fixed debuffs applying to the player from their own explosives
  • Fixed Stockpile waypoints in pocket worlds appearing on maps and not disappearing when neared
  • Fixed Drop Pod warning sound not playing correctly


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Apr 26, 2019


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