Beacon Patch 2.12

Patch 2.12 adjusts the cooldowns and balance of most Auxiliary items, making them more useful as consistent attacks. Further tweaks will be made if necessary to make Aux items more exciting to find and make use of, and in the upcoming 2.2 and 2.3 patches a handful of new Aux attack items will be added to make auxiliaries a bigger part of the combat system. New audio tweaks and optimizations have been made as well, giving large water forms and hydro areas a better ambient soundscape along with improving audio memory usage.


  • Weapons: Assault Rifle and Swift Arbiter - Increased max ammo count
  • Reduced many attack auxiliary items to a 20 second cooldown, and many utility auxiliary items to a 40 second cooldown
  • Pickups - Set all minor pickup buffs to have a 20 second duration, meaning an increase for most buff pickups and a nerf for a couple
  • Auxiliary: Barrage - Reduced damage and explosion range slightly
  • Auxiliary: Bonespike - Reduced damage (Will still one shot small and some medium enemies)
  • Auxiliary: Rebound Beam - Tweaked laser boomerang speed to make it fly further and be easier to double-hit enemies with
  • Auxiliary: Tesla Shield - Reduced shield drain rate, increased delay time before shield begins regenerating
  • Auxiliary: Nightshroud Bouncer- Lowered boost height
  • DNA: Aux Cooldown Skill Mod - Reduced to -5 seconds to work with new cooldown balance
  • DNA: Pickup Duration Skill Mod - Reduced to +5 seconds


  • Tweaked gravity and speed of vertical boost travel objects more (Let us know if you run into a rotspore or swamp bubble that boosts too high)
  • Improved Spider Drone enemy drop with more delay once in position and a shadow of the droid where it will land.


  • Added new audio system to merge nearby ambient sounds together, leaving less duplicate ambient sounds and allowing us to give areas more accurate ambient soundscapes
  • Added Weakness sound effect when an enemy is damaged by a damage type they are weak to
  • Updated waterfall sounds to have more powerful waterfall sounds around large water terrain
  • Converted all in-game music to mp3 to reduce memory usage greatly


  • Fixed a few broken nightshroud bouncer boosts discovered in 2.1 levels
  • Fixed Tritoraptor Crown mutation not giving speed buff for the right duration
  • Fixed Tesla Hologram MK3 not granting debuff when damaged by tesla damage


Beacon 2.12 549 MB
May 03, 2019


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