Beacon Patch 2.21

Patch 2.21 is released, making some important tweaks to the Challenge Run scoring systems and improving many Act 1 Hydro zones! 

Challenge Updates

  • Added Research Bonus Cap (2500 Points)
  • Added score particle effect when enemies are killed
  • Added score multiplier on champion enemies
  • Added score breakdown on challenge run end screen
  • Added different score values for enemy types - Small: 50, Medium: 125, Large: 250
  • Added score time decay (1 point lost per second)
  • Boss score reduced from 5000 to 2500
  • Level complete score reduced from 2500 to 1000
  • Added Prism turret enemies to scoring and altered scores of a few other enemies.
  • Switched to a different way of submitting scores to Steam to hopefully make it more reliable
  • Fixed champion mods not using RNG system (Will be the same on each seed now)
  • Fixed Magrail shots not transferring ownership of kill to the player, resulting in them not adding to the score


  • Added Void Orb health pickup item that can drop from most Uncharted enemy types. Restores between 8-16 health on pickup.
  • Passive: Phase Booster (Added in 2.2 but forgot to list in the patch notes) - Upon taking damage, the individual in possession of the device is granted an extended period of what amounts to invulnerability. That is, they are unable to be harmed in any way – from any source, and with no discovered upper limit – for a short duration after its activation.


  • Updated Act 1 Hydro levels, including landmarks, intros, traps, and middle tiles. Terrain has been improved and pipewalks have been changed to large pipes with more pipewalk panels.


  • Enemies: Prism Sonic Droids - Decreased projectile speed of base sonic shots
  • Enemy: Pyro Spider Droid - Increased speed and fire range of flame ball projectiles, increased duration of holoshield while calling down flame pods, and updated telegraph ring effects
  • Weapon: Flare Gun and Supernova (Variant) - Increased flare projectile speeds and detonate radiuses, increased reload time.
  • Weapon: Laser Carbine - Increased damage of mini-laser and full charged laser
  • Auxiliary: Deployable Turrets - Increased targeting radius of turrets to make them more useful in large arenas
  • Auxiliary: Detonator MK2 - Increased damage and added telegraph ring to display explosion distance
  • Pickup: MYCE - Increased damage
  • Grenade: Mini MYCE - Increased damage


  • Removed input pause on teleports
  • Fixed a few item and mutation descriptions
  • Fixed enemy healthbars not hiding during burrow attacks
  • Fixed leaderboard not showing your current score if you clicked the button and there was > 10 entries
  • Fixed swampspore lights in Solus arenas not being poppable
  • Fixed missing flux nodes in Level 5 Containment landmark variant


Beacon 2.21 570 MB
Jul 02, 2019


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