Beacon Patch 2.22

Patch 2.22 is here, making many various balance tweaks and fixes. Thanks to everyone for trying out the first few challenge runs and giving feedback in our Discord server! After tweaks to some of the items and mutations in this weeks challenge the Pyromaniac leaderboard has been reset to give players another chance to complete it after everyone killed themselves in the first level. 

Patch 2.22


  • DNA Skill Mod: Reload Speed - Increased from 15% to 20% speed increase
  • Challenge Runs - Reduced research reward percent from 25% of score to 10% of score.
  • Challenges - Tweaked a few challenge item settings and increased base grenades on Explosives challenges from 8 to 14
  • Weapons - Fixed issue with regenerating ammo not having the correct delay applied on many weapons. The issue was fixed along with tweaks to the delay values on weapons with regenerating ammo. One handed weapons now start regenerating quicker and large weapons more slowly.
  • Weapon: Tesla SMG and Livewire (Variant) - Increased damage slightly, increased range on tesla arcs to nearby enemies, and increased amount of bounces on tesla arcs
  • Weapon: Tesla Pistol - Reduced hold fire rate and reduced max bullet damage. Also updated effect to be more readable. 
  • Weapon: Flame Pistol and Spitfire (Variant) - Increased speed and max distance of flame ball projectiles, reduced explode range of flame projectiles, and set Spitfire cluster amount to 2-3 instead of always 3
  • Weapon: Flak Revolver and Crowd Pleaser (Variant) - Increased max ammo and increased shots fired per burst by 1 on each weapon
  • Weapon: Lance Keeper (Quill Gatling Variant) - Removed acid debuff applied by mini-quills, removed acid pool left by mega acid quills, and optimized effects.
  • Enemy: Flauros - Increased base move speed, increased base health by 5 (Should give score in challenge runs now), decreased charge duration and added slight homing. The Flauros should be easier to dodge with base player stats and will float past the player if missed instead of charging further away. 
  • Passive: Hacking Drone - Set to not be able to hack enemies above a health threshold to prevent hacking the last large enemy in arenas. Also removed ambient beeping.
  • Mutations: Defensive Claws and Scuttling Claws - Removed Stamina stat reduction from Defensive Claws and reduced Stamina Stat reduction on Scuttling Claws (Daily challenges with the full Solus Warden mutation set will be able to melee now)
  • Mutations: Tesla/Pyro Hologram and Tesla/Pyro Hologram MK3 - Switched functions of MK1 and MK3 mutations. MK1 head now grants the energy buff when the corresponding debuff is applied to you and the MK3 head has a chance to grant the energy buff on Critical hit. Raised duration of energy buffs granted by MK3 heads, and reduced chance to gain buff on crit to 10%. 
  • Trap: Rotneedle Balloon - Reduced amount of rotneedles spawned to make it less powerful after the buff to homing last update


  • Added new drop tables for Flauros creatures so they drop Lifeshards instead of Void Orbs and have a chance to drop a Flauros themed pickup
  • Slowed down DNA Drone flight speed slightly to make it easier to destroy as it flies over the level
  • Enabled item/gib pushing on more explosive projectiles


  • Many miscellaneous level fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed a few various teleport fades sometimes getting stuck on a faded screen (Solus Stomachs and Telemite Maws) 
  • Fixed broken boost pad randomizer on Level 5 Containment Core tile
  • Fixed Expunge Barrier trap kill trigger being much bigger than the actual kill hologram when angled
  • Fixed Level 5 hologram floors putting the player in a repeating drop loop if fallen through a disabled floor barrier
  • Fixed a few explosive shot types reflecting, causing issues with reflect abilities on the Chilopodrae and other enemies
  • Fixed Mirage illusion summons granting score on death in challenge runs
  • Fixed an error with sonic shotgun wave projectile positions to make it more accurate to the direction you're aiming
  • Fixed magrail meteor rolling shortly around before exploding
  • Fixed missing debuff descriptions on the Tab screen
  • Fixed Solus Appendage mutation not firing goo balls on dodge ever
  • Fixed arena swamplights not disappearing when popped
  • Fixed hatchlings summoned by Nursery Shell mutation staying alive forever if no enemies are nearby.
  • Fixed gibs being difficult to push with the player when in large piles
  • Fixed Upsurge mutation damaging player and releasing randomly instead of only on Stamina empty
  • Lowered collision of Mirage maze wall collision slightly so it's possible to jump over with the Feral Heels mutation
  • Fixed Effigy enemy crystalize debuff not applying to player if shattered while dodging
  • Removed hacking drone sound
  • Fixed missing Act 2 Native Loot zone music
  • Fixed Tesla champion mod leaving a floating tesla line when enemies are spawned with it

Extra Update 1 Notes

  • Fixed friendly Flauros summoned from Enflamed Skull mutation dropping health pickups 
  • Fixed flamethrower and other spraying weapons with regenerative ammo having their particle broken 
  • Fixed barrage missiles reflecting and duplicating off of Chilopodrae and other enemy carapaces

Our next focus is finishing up patch 2.3 for release in a few weeks. Along with new travel mechanics and items, the patch will feature new landmark levels with explorable pods from Freja’s ship, the Ouroboros. Here’s a peek at one of the new travel mechanics, ziplines! 


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Jul 18, 2019


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