Beacon Patch 2.3

Beacon patch 2.3 is ready, providing new tools and evoking old memories. Explore crashed pods from Freja’s ship The Ouroboros and collect new items including a new set of Energy weapons! This patch only includes a Level 1 landmark with the Ouroboros Armory, but Level 2 and 4 landmark levels will be added in an upcoming minor patch with additional shipwrecked pods from rival corporations. 

Along with a handful of new travel and loot mechanics, new weather variants have been added with tweaks to some of the older weather types. The new Eclipse weather fills a common request for a dark atmosphere, but will spawn rarely compared to other weather types. Check out the full patch notes below to see everything added! 

Corporate Intervention

New Levels

  • Level 1 Landmark: Ouroboros Armory - Explore the Armory pod from Freja's ship. Stock up on any leftover supplies and discover more about the Human corporations from Freja's past
  • Updated Start level with new Escape Pod, leading the player into the level with a Conveyor Booster at the end.
  • Tutorial Update: Improved flow of mechanic introductions and updated terrain forms to fit the more recent design of levels.
  • Level 1: Shipping Fortress Landmark Update - Improved entrance terrain and left fortress layout, added new shipping overflow randomizations, and added zipline travel randomizer
  • Level 2: Shipping Mega Fortress Landmark Update - Improved left and right fortress entrances, expanded center area and replaced center with new variants, updated exit fortress with shipping overflow
  • Level 1: Barricade Landmark Update - Improved terrain and tweaked older variants
  • Updated a few Act 1 levels with new travel and loot mechanics, including ziplines and rare 3D/DNA printer loot variants (More variants will be added later to more levels)

New World Mechanics

  • Travel: Zipline - Grab a zip line and repel across wide gaps. Dodging will release you from the zipline at any time and help you make a speedier exit at the end of the ride.
  • Travel: Conveyor Booster - Stepping onto the conveyor pad boosts you forwards, allowing you to boost over large gaps quickly.
  • Travel: Conveyor Squasher - A modified extension of the Conveyor Booster, two conveyors squash together launching anything inbetween them upwards.
  • Generator: Power Cell - Find and break the Power Cell to disable barriers left active on Freja's ship pods.
  • Loot: 3D Printer - Trade 60 health for one specific Ship Passive item up to 3 times.
  • Loot: DNA Printer - Trade 3 Base DNA for one specific Prism Passive item up to 3 times.
  • Loot: NanoMed Console - Rare consoles found in secret areas, when use is held they will slowly refill your Health.

New Items

  • Passive: Gravity Boots -  Through the use of a proprietary intelligent monitoring system, the Gravity Boots are able to make informed assessments of the user’s local environment and current needs, adjusting their sense of local gravity appropriately. Gives the player slow fall. 
  • Passive: Bio-Extractor - With the activation of this Asklepios Bio-Extractor, you will be able to begin earning reward points straight away with the elimination of corporate-approved targets. Each kill restores +1 health. 
  • Passive: DNA Recharger - Through integration into compatible DNA collection services, the Recharger API detects the collection of genetic material and rewards the user with a small intravenous vitality boost. Each DNA picked up restores +5 Health.
  • Passive: Radioactive Coating -  Compatible with all known ammunition types, the user is able to literally shoot irradiated material into their target – admittedly at the expense of some of the subtlety that comes from more covert methods of poisoning. Applies radiation on hit. 
  • Auxiliary: Radioactive Core - At first glance you may think that the Radioactive Core is simply a way to inflict potentially lethal amounts of radiation on yourself and everyone else near you, and you would be right. Applies radiation to all nearby targets and damages self for -20 Health. 
  • Auxiliary: Scrap Printer - When employed in the field, compact and portable devices will happily consume industrial waste, scrap metal, unclaimed organs, and many other kinds of detritus fed into its Recycle Hole. Print random Ship faction pickup when 50 gibs are collected. 
  • Passive: MK-E Drone - The MK-E employs the same energy technology as found in other weapons in our range, now packaged within a small automated security drone. Orbits the player and fires Energy Shots. 
  • Weapon: Energy Blaster - In this day and age, you simply can’t operate as a respectable munitions company without offering your own take on the classic sci-fi energy weapon. Fires a powerful penetrating energy shot with low ammo capacity. 
  • Weapon: Energy Carbine -  When your flagship product is the platonic ideal of an energy weapon, how can you hope to improve upon it? The answer, of course, was to just stick another laser emitter inside the thing and hope for the best. Fires two side by side penetrating energy shots. 
  • Weapon: Energy Cannon - Okay, so you can probably see where we were going with this one. We doubled the amount of laser emitters from the Energy Revolver to the Energy Carbine, and it was a huge hit. Fires 4 side by side penetrating energy shots. 
  • Weapon: Remote Crossbow - The whole ‘retro’ thing might not appeal to us, but market research has shown us that there are a surprising number of history nerds out there that want to combine their love of bad old technology with their insatiable need to kill. Fires explosive crossbow bolts. Detonate all active bolts by reloading. 

New Mementos

  • Bestiary: Solus Enemy Logs -  entries for all Solus faction enemies (Should now have a chance to unlock when you kill Solus enemies)
  • Ship Log: Shoraiteku Manufacturer's Guide - details the many corporations that supply Freja's corps with armaments and equipment
  • Prism Communications: DOLOS Prism Communications series - including 7 new log entries left by employees alive before Freja's arrival


  • New Act 1 Weather: Crystal Drought - Moisture is sucked from the terrain leaving it dry and forming momentary ice crystals that rise into the air. Stormcell event causes multiple whirlwinds to form, flinging any objects caught in one of them upwards.
  • New Act 1 Weather: Eclipse - Darkness fills the landscape leaving only your flashlight and the dozens of neon objects to light the way. Stormcell sends out a Lunar EMP that disables your HUD for a short duration
  • Night Weather Update - Replaced Eclipse Stormcell event with a new Sporefall event, causing Swampspore health pickups to rain slowly from the sky
  • Polluted Fog Update - Replaced Tornado Stormcell event with Pollution Dump event, and increased the amount of dumps during the Level 4 version of the weather event.
  • New Level 4 Weather randomizations: Flauros Atmosphere and Stomach Spores - Level 4 now has a chance to spawn with Solus or Flauros themed weather, including new Solus Eggsac and Flauros Portal Stormcells that spawn enemies 


  • Pickups - Tweaked durations of many buff pickups, increasing lower ones to 20 seconds and setting longer ones to 60 seconds or 120 seconds.


  • Upgraded Unity to 2019. Will give some minor performance improvements and other minor fixes. 
  • Challenges - DNA drops are now enabled in challenge runs and will reward points when picked up.
  • Added HUD Scaling to video options (Waypoints will be offset this patch when scaled)


  • Fixed vertical shipping conveyor platforms being difficult to walk and jump off of
  • Fixed certain grenade types flying too quickly when fired by the CopyCat grenade launcher
  • Miscellaneous level fixes and improvements


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Aug 19, 2019


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