Beacon Patch 2.31

Beacon patch 2.31 is released, making some balance tweaks to armor and debuffs as well as fixing the Continue item loading bug! 


  • Armor: Reduced base player armor value and balanced item/mutation armor items to make maximum armor attainable 80
  • Difficulty Settings: Tweaked player damage taken values to be balanced around new armor values. Will generally mean you take slightly more damage, and armor items will provide more benefit when found.
  • Debuffs: Increased duration of many debuffs to 10 seconds, including all flame and acid damage types. This should make Resistance a bit more desirable to pick up and give it more room to affect the duration of pickups when tweaked. 
  • Weapon: Energy Blaster - Increased accuracy


  • Added glow highlights to many crates and a few other mechanics such as ziplines
  • Widened collapsing basalt bridges and succulent trunk bridges to make easier to walk over
  • Minor updates and fixes to the new Tutorial
  • Updated Level 2 End/Level 3 Start zone
  • Added new weather types to the Main Menu weather randomizer


  • Fixed items not being loaded correctly on Continue and Weekly Runs
  • Fixed lower waterfalls and tiny basalt spires from registering as a drop drone position, which should prevent getting stuck if fallen off of the main level onto one
  • Fixed conveyor boosters occasionally not boosting the player the full way
  • Fixed enemies being afraid to enter the Ouroboros Armory pod (Navmesh was broken)
  • Fixed start level ship pod rendering incorrectly in some fog types
  • Fixed Uncharted crates dropping bonus health injectors
  • Fixed level 2 shipwreck intro booster flinging player into the void
  • Fixed Bio-Extractor being un-pickupable from Ship Caches and fixed model being skewed
  • Fixed a handful of challenge settings using Tesla and Pyro hologram mutations having missing mutations on their spawn lists
  • Fixed Flauros weather fog sphere having no material applied
  • Fixed a few passive items having too small of pickup triggers, making them impossible to pick up from the new Ship Cache crates
  • Fixed level 5 edges of the level having unnecessary fall triggers that would reset the player when floating
  • Fixed landmine trigger blocking shots when dormant in the ground
  • Fixed Steam Vent wall trap from hurting/pushing player while inactive


Beacon 2.31 630 MB
Sep 02, 2019


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