Beacon Patch 2.32

Beacon patch 2.32 is released, including new Level 3 Shipwrecked Reactor variants and a performance boost! 


  • Added new Shipwrecked Reactor variants to all level 3 landmarks
  • Updated Level 3 Landmark and Cap tiles to have improved terrain and updated detailing
  • Updated Level 3 Solus Variants to remove shipwrecks and have more Solus themed traps/loot randomizers
  • Updated Level 3 Shipping Reactor fortress slightly and improved shipping maze randomizations
  • Added new Nanomed Console and 3D Printer loot spawns to Level 3 Landmarks 
  • Miscellaneous level fixes 


  • Updated Steam API implementation to allow building with IL2CPP, giving an estimated 20-30% performance increase
  • Updated Pocket World generation to remove unused pocket worlds after loading. This should increase overall performance when a Telemite Maw spawns.


  • Solus Colonies - Increased drop rate of Nectar health pickups when colonies are destroyed and reduced hatchling spawn rate to make items spawning more likely
  • Grenade: Tesla - Increased explode range and adjusted throw speed
  • Grenade: Pyro - Increased base explosion damage


  • Fixed UI error over Weapon HUD caused by a change last update
  • Adjusted Conveyor Mega Booster animation to help prevent it jamming the player while launching


Beacon 2.32 639 MB
Sep 14, 2019


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